The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every business in the UK in some way. Recent weeks and months have given many businesses some time to reflect and evaluate and to draw up some new systems, procedures and ways of working.

Only then can you begin to get people back to work safely, to open the business back up again, to create a safe environment for all those who visit and to slowly get back to as close to normal as is possible in the circumstances.

First Response Group can help with this, as we have put together a range of services designed to assist with the return to work. These can be applied to many businesses across many different industry sectors, and have already proved to be critical in addressing many of the new concerns businesses face in the light of Government guidelines for managing COVID-19 in the workplace.

COVID-19 management with First Response Group

The COVID-19 measures First Response Group can implement include:

social distancing system

Social distancing to many businesses is perhaps the most critical and challenging measure to implement, as you may not have the space or the natural workflow possibilities on site, and you are asking employees to adapt and modify some in-built and well-established behaviours overnight. There are lots of things to manage in this respect and you should start by carrying out a risk assessment of the business to establish what risks are present and what protocols are needed to enable staff and customers (where applicable) to return safely.

Manage social distancing in the workplace

With respect to social distancing, you need to look at what facilities are needed, which operations have to change and what controls you have to put in place. Many businesses implement a one-way system in areas where this is practical, to avoid people congregating or ‘milling around’. This keeps people moving and not loitering unnecessarily. In addition, you can create barriers between workstations, re-direct workstations so people aren’t facing each other, and use floor markings so people can visibly distance from each other. You can also manage the times people need to use certain facilities, so they are isolated from direct contact with their colleagues.

First Response Group can also assist by using technology to restrict the number of people entering defined areas, to help with social distancing. The people flow control system uses clear signalling to count the number of people in an area, with a traffic light system indicating when it is safe to enter. This is particularly effective in supermarkets, banks, shops, offices, on public transport and in manufacturing and construction environments.

These systems are quick and simple to install and are reliable and effective in creating new protocols and clearly defining right and wrong behaviours. This is critical in creating a safe working environment, as new procedures need to become quickly ingrained in order for the ‘new normal’ to become normal. Contact us today and we can help you get your business back on its feet.

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