COVID-19 Safety Solutions

We’re Here To Support Your Business With Our Covid-19 Safety Solutions

COVID-19 Safety Solutions

We’re Here To Support Your Business With Our Covid-19 Safety Solutions

With the global Covid-19 pandemic potentially changing the way we live, work and operate for the long-term, at First Response Group we have developed a range of solutions to help with protecting employees from infection control, securing your site operations and ensuring safe and effective people flow.

Take a look at our range of Covid-19 safety solutions below:

All corporate and commercial services will require stringent infection control procedures.

Whether you’re a supermarket, a city centre office or a university, we can help by putting essential decontamination and infection control systems in place.

Screen people safely and effectively with our fever screening thermal solutions.

Our products can quickly identify elevated body temperatures within moving crowds, shops and offices.

social distancing system

Social distancing measures may need putting in place at your site for the long-term, and with our people counting system we can ensure that your business adheres to government guidelines and reduces the risk of infection.

Keep your site open with a safe and secure working environment. We can provide mobile sanitiser
stations, care packs, safe distance officers and site welfare operatives to help keep your site safe now and in the future.

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