Canine security units provide an additional layer to your security services in stadiums, arenas, festivals, museums and public buildings where conferences or exhibitions are held, and can be used as event detection dogs to sniff out explosives, pyrotechnics, drugs and other prohibited substances. You can call us today and we can respond quickly with a specialist dog detection unit to help with security at your event.

Why do I need specialist detection dogs?

Canine security units act as a high profile deterrent on occasions where this may be required. This is usually for sports events or concerts where there is a risk of crowd disorder. Also, high profile events are at the risk of terrorism or acts of violence or demonstration, so dog security is an effective way to identify these threats and provide an immediate response with minimal disruption.

Specialist detection dogs can work in tandem with your existing concert arena security, sports stadium security or conference & exhibition security to provide a robust security solution for your event. Our canine units can also complement your mobile security patrols, out of hours security and access control systems. First Response Group will work with you to design a tailored package dedicated to your specific needs, and through a free, no-obligation risk assessment we will identify existing threats and create a bespoke security solution to control and manage these threats.

First Response Group for event detection dogs

You can rely on a premier quality of security through First Response Group, because we can provide:

  • National coverage for rapid response to your needs
  • Highly-trained dogs and licenced handlers
  • Experience in providing dog security at high profile events
  • Free, no-obligation risk assessment of your event
  • Flexible solutions tailored to your specific needs

Our canine security units can be stationed at pedestrian turnstiles, open search areas, baggage and vehicle check areas, X-ray baggage areas or specific screening areas. Our teams of dogs and handlers are trained to be flexible and adaptable, at all times maintaining the professionalism and high standards you expect.

Improving our people to improve our service to you

We invest in our people to ensure you get first class customer service. This means we promote inclusivity and wellbeing to foster a motivated, supported and valued workforce. We also invest in in-house training where employees learn about customer service, conflict management, counter terrorism and insider threat awareness. We believe this level of personal investment is reflected in the service we can offer you through our handlers and the dogs they form an effective team with.

Contact First Response Group for specialist detection dogs today

We listen, respond and deliver, to ensure your event runs smoothly and your people and properties are safe and secure, so contact us today.

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I am impressed with the level of security cover and would like to pass on a well done to all guards at First Response Group.

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Can you please pass on my continued thanks to the guards who have once again done a superb job.


The service we have received from FRG has been phenomenal. Fantastic technology, courteous and capable operatives. Highly recommended.

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We found the service and support provided by First Response Group on this project to monitor bus queues and pedestrian traffic flow invaluable.

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First Response Group can provide full details should you wish to consider them at any of your properties, we are using them and find them first class so have no hesitation in recommending them.

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