Do you need security services in London? First Response Group can work with you to become your trusted and professional security services partner.

We can offer:

Plus many more security services in London.

Our priority is safeguarding your business, and in London we know that the demands of the capital city create a need for robust and dedicated security systems. We can create a unique package of services built around your business and your needs, so call today and we can start to discuss the security services which can safeguard your business, your premises and your employees.

How do we address your security needs in London?

Our process of evaluating your security needs is all about building lasting working relationships. We carry out a comprehensive site evaluation built around understanding your business and finding solutions to offer fast, responsive and robust solutions. We will install a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced professionals working to the highest industry standards, and with the sole priority of protecting your assets.

Why you should work with First Response Group

First Response Group have a proven track record of delivering efficient and respected security solutions in London, which are:

  • Cost effective
  • Built around detailed risk assessments and site evaluations
  • Monitored by our own internal standards
  • Capable of being adapted to industrial, corporate or commercial organisations
  • Offer 24/7 peace of mind
  • Address all site needs relating to security, asset protection and health & safety

Professional security services in London

If you are seeking the best security services in London, then the skilled and experienced track record of First Response Group can answer those needs.

Contact us today and we can start to build a lasting and professional relationship to fully protect your organisation, enabling you to concentrate on your everyday business responsibilities. Our specialist security solutions protect your business and project it as an organisation working to the highest standards, so get in touch today and we can start to make your business fully safeguarded around the clock.

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The service we have received from FRG has been phenomenal. Fantastic technology, courteous and capable operatives. Highly recommended.

Senior Site Manager

I am impressed with the level of security cover and would like to pass on a well done to all guards at First Response Group.

Health & Safety Inspector
Construction & Tunnels

Sonya Zajac in your office is incredibly responsive and efficient and we are very happy with the service we get from her. Please ensure she is commended.

Associate Director
(Property Management)

Can you please pass on my continued thanks to the guards who have once again done a superb job.


We found the service and support provided by First Response Group on this project to monitor bus queues and pedestrian traffic flow invaluable.

Project Management Assistant
Network Rail (Infrastructure)