Do you require construction site security in London? Contact First Response Group, the specialist security professionals, for the best construction site security services in London and the Greater London area.

Specialist construction site security in London

At First Response Group our professional security services are well known throughout the UK, but within that we have dedicated expertise in areas of security which requires specialist skills. Construction site security is one of those areas, it is a unique sector in the security division because it presents challenges and hazards which don’t exist anywhere else. Quite apart from the health and safety risks of part-constructed buildings, deep excavations and exposed pipework and wiring, you have a site which changes every day. Overnight security of a construction site presents different challenges all the time because construction progress changes the site constantly and therefore requires robust procedures to control the risks.

This means that construction site security requires strict controls for communication and procedural implementation to ensure this changing situation always meets with the high standards of security we look to employ. Your construction site is open to theft, vandalism and nuisance, often because materials and equipment need to be left unsecured overnight. This presents a security risk, but also means public liability is a huge issue because of the health and safety risks of a construction site in a public area. First Response Group is your solution to meet these challenging security needs.

Our construction site security services

Construction Site Security SystemsWhen you search for professional construction site security in London, you expect the very best, and at First Response Group we can provide:

  • Specialist expertise in construction site security
  • Robust, temporary and permanent solutions to meet your changing needs
  • Tech solutions such as CCTV and FRG’s specialist SmartSite Detect video system to notify you in real-time when suspicious activity has been detected
  • CCTV towers, fixed and temporary solutions
  • Manned security, mobile security patrols, canine security
  • Professional security resources with construction site-specific health and safety qualifications and expertise.

Construction site security in London

With a population of over 8.8 million London is the UK’s Governmental centre, but is also a global world city for arts, entertainment, fashion, commerce, education, healthcare, media, tourism and transport. London is one of the world’s fast-moving cities, always evolving and under constant development, so your construction site in London needs 24/7/365 security and First Response Group can provide that.

We can respond to the changing needs of your construction site and deploy specialist security services to meet those challenging requirements with constant and robust high standards, so contact First Response Group for your construction site security today.

First Response Group are your construction site security solution – here’s why

If you are searching for professional construction site security in London, then First Response Group is your solution. We can supply:

  • Fast, responsive security as and when you need it – 24/7/365
  • Short term, temporary and permanent security solutions
  • Full risk assessment of your site to establish your security needs
  • Specialist construction site security expertise
  • SIA-licensed professionals highly trained and accredited
  • Robust security solutions agreed with you to form a tailored package unique to your needs
  • Award-winning innovative tech solutions
  • Security resources stationed across the UK

At First Response Group we understand the unique demands presented by construction sites and we can respond to those needs with high quality construction site security in London. Contact our team today and we can carry out a full risk assessment to establish your construction site security needs.

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