June is Pride month – a month dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ+ communities all around the world.

In this Pride month feature, Chris Connor, FRG Head of Technical Sales, shares his journey to allyship through the Liverpool clubbing scene.

I have been a part of the gay community in Liverpool since 1997 so well over 25 years.

I became a part of the community through clubbing and partying (I’m 43 so from the rave generation) on the gay scene in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Back then the gay community was looked at very differently than it is now, and my gay and trans friends almost had to lead secret lives, stigmatised by society.

The progress the Pride movement has made in those 25 years is just astonishing.

From partying in that scene I became a DJ in that scene and worked as a DJ and Entertainer at Garlands nightclub, one of the most famous gay venues in Europe.

Being a resident in that club allowed me to DJ all over the world, from Liverpool to Croatia, Ibiza to the Caribbean and the US.

None of that would be possible without being a member of the gay community when it wasn’t ok (by society’s standards) to be a member of that community.

The Pride movement is important to me because over 25 years the right to be homosexual and beyond have become normalised in our society. Love is love is a slogan and a catchphrase, but what it means at its core is a basic human right, the right to love and be attracted to who you want and live a true authentic life which is all any of us want.

I have been an ally since I was 16 and will stand up for my friends and my community unrelentingly for the rest of my life.

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Chris Connor

Article By:

Chris Connor

Head of Technical Sales

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