A single dog & handler team provides a more effective security solution than several static security officers, making it the ideal solution to supplement or replace traditional security guard arrangements.

Why choose a canine security team?

  • Enhanced deterrent: The physical presence of a security dog & trained handler poses a striking deterrent
  • Enhanced detection: Dogs have heightened senses enabling them to detect intruders from distances over 300m
  • Reduced crime: A canine security team is more effective at containing suspects, reducing violence & deterring criminal behaviours
  • Reduced risk: With the capability to defend itself and its handler, a security dog is rarely engaged & reduces the risk of threat & harm to security officers.

Trained, licensed & professional handlers

Our handlers are highly trained, SIA licensed professionals qualified by NASDU, NTIPDU or BIPDT. They are fully uniformed, drive marked vehicles and receive site-specific assignment instructions. As with all our security officers, the FRG Control Centre provides 24/7 support.

Suitable for your business

Our canine security teams are effective protection for a wide range of businesses sectors including

  • Critical national infrastructure
  • Construction and utilities sites
  • Vacant properties
  • Distribution & Logistics centres
  • Manufacturing & production facilities
  • High-risk / High-value assets
  • Venues & events
  • Schools, colleges & universities

Tailored security solutions

Team our canine security solutions with our innovative CCTV and access control technology for the complete 24/7 security solution.


NASDU are recognised throughout the private security industry as being the leading authority in setting standards for security dog users.

As NASDU Members FRG are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of service to their clients and workers and commit to abide by the guidance and recommendations.

NSI Gold

NSI Gold

NSI is the most rigorous inspection for businesses operating in the security industry. NSI Guarding gold is the mark of approval for the elite reflecting our commitment to high standards of service, integrity, technical expertise and professionalism.

Canine Security Solutions

A single dog & handler team provides a more effective security solution than several static security officers, making it the…

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Sonya Zajac in your office is incredibly responsive and efficient and we are very happy with the service we get from her. Please ensure she is commended.

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We found the service and support provided by First Response Group on this project to monitor bus queues and pedestrian traffic flow invaluable.

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The service we have received from FRG has been phenomenal. Fantastic technology, courteous and capable operatives. Highly recommended.

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They understood the rigorous requirements of this flagship project and had the technical expertise to deliver the most advanced camera system I have ever used.

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