Solar farms are a fantastic way to source renewable energy which provides a sustainable income for farmers and landowners. But solar farms across the UK are a target for criminals due to their remote, isolated locations and the high volume of expensive materials on site, such as photovoltaic panels, inverters and wiring, which have a high resale value. The cost to replace and repair the damage from vandalism and theft can significantly reduce the power generated from the solar farm and have a big impact on revenue.

To combat this threat FRG conduct thorough risk assessments of your solar farm location to design, install and maintain long term, cost effective security and safety systems using the latest technology, such as thermal imaging, to protect power production and your profits.

Perimeter Intruder Detection

Solar farm perimeters are often vast giving criminals plenty of choice when it comes to potential unauthorised access points. A robust intrusion detection system spanning the full perimeter is essential to ensure the safety of the whole installation. We provide solar farm perimeter protection systems that use thermal imaging and analytics to spot any suspicious behaviour happening around your perimeter, in any weather or lighting conditions, sounding the alarm before intrusion and subsequent theft or damage occurs. Our systems self-regulate, only sounding the alarm when the threat is genuine and eliminating false alarms.

Perimeter intruder detection

Automatic Gates & ANPR

It is important to ensure all vehicular access points are fully secured at all times to deter criminals who need to transport panels and machinery off site. Our convenient and efficient vehicle barrier systems with ANPR are the ideal to manage solar farm vehicle access points. We use automatic license plate (ANPR) recognition to allow pre-registered vehicles only automatic entry while other vehicles are denied access unless approved using our remote access control software.

Automatic gates & ANPR


Our HD CCTV systems maintain video surveillance across your all areas of your solar farm. Our cameras can be remotely monitored from our Central Control Centre to ensure eyes on your site 24/7 and a real time response to any criminal activity plus they gather evidence for identification and prosecution purposes in court.

If you already have CCTV installed on site FRG can provide comprehensive maintenance and repair services to make sure your systems are functioning correctly and providing optimum levels of coverage.

CCTV Solar Farm

Intruder Alarm

Our integrated intruder alarms provide a powerful deterrent against theft from your buildings. We tailor our solutions to the needs of your solar farm and use the latest innovative technology, including inertia sensors, glass break and vibration detection, to ensure superior real time alerts.

Intruder Alarm

Access Control

Our user-friendly access control systems help you manage access to restricted or high value areas of your solar farm such as switch gear rooms, offices and safes. We offer a full range of card readers, keypads and biometrics tailored to the access requirements of your site and our systems record every access, allowing you to monitor employee movements and providing a full audit trail.

Access Control
NSI Gold


NSI is the most rigorous inspection for businesses operating in the security industry. NSI NACOSS Gold is the premier electronic security systems scheme designed for companies who meet the industry’s highest technical standards and maintain a commitment to continual improvement.

FIA Logo

Fire Industry Association

FRG are a member of the FIA (Fire Industry Association), the largest fire protection trade association in the UK.

The FIA is a not-for-profit organisation and a major provider of fire safety training. Its objective is to promote, improve and perfect fire protection methods, devices, services and apparatus through the representation of members, providing technical support, guidance and opportunities for professional advancement through education and appropriate regulation.

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