Technology Systems & CCTV Installation in London

Our state of the art technology systems protect your assets 24/7


Technology Systems & CCTV Installation in London

Our state of the art technology systems protect your assets 24/7

If you need a reliable and professional partner for your technology systems and CCTV installation in London, then First Response Group are the answer.

We have the knowledge, resources and experience to bring effective, affordable and dedicated solutions to your security issues, so get in touch today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

Our specialist knowledge is security and how technology can help you operate safely in terms of your people, your buildings and other physical assets. For CCTV alarm security services in London, we have a range of solutions which can be adapted for organisations of any size and in any industry.

Our CCTV installation services

We can provide a variety of systems to ensure you have 24/7 surveillance of your site in key strategic locations, including London. Our range of CCTV services include:

Our specialist knowledge extends to working with you to find a robust solution to your on-site security that is both effective and cost-efficient. We can advise on how to achieve comprehensive site coverage, or at the other end of the scale, we can recommend smaller systems dedicated to more targeted areas and locations. We can carry out extensive risk assessments to highlight what controls need to be in place and where our CCTV systems can best minimise risk.

Other technology systems in London

Your business is fast-moving and professional, and we have the cross-industry knowledge and experience to understand where you need remote and automated services designed to allow your operations to run effectively. We can design and install non-intrusive systems to provide robust safety and security solutions across your site.

Our range of technology safety and security systems include ANPR cameras and vehicle barriers for car parks and site access. We can provide access control systems for main entrances and all other access points. We can speak to you about fire alarm systems and associated procedures, and we can also discuss your overall site security and how intruder alarms can provide hi-tech monitoring and data collection as well as effective and reliable alerts, where required.

Call First Response Group for effective technology & CCTV systems

We have extensive industry experience across a number of different sectors, which allows us to build professional relationships that are enduring and effective for everyone. We can provide local teams dedicated to you containing skilled personnel available to ensure you have 24/7 site security and safety.

Our duty to you is to provide cost-effective security and regulatory compliance, and we can do this by adopting the latest technology and advising you on what is available to suit your unique requirements. Our own internal systems are dedicated to continual improvement and we can pass that on to you. We strive for more practical solutions, more cost-effective solutions, better use of technological advancements, and all the time we have your business targets and objectives in mind.

First Response Group have national coverage and are your perfect partner for technology system services in London, so get in touch today for more information.      


NSI GoldNSI is the most rigorous inspection for businesses operating in the security industry. NSI NACOSS Gold is the premier electronic security systems scheme designed for companies who meet the industry’s highest technical standards and maintain a commitment to continual improvement.

BAFE Registered

FRG is registered with BAFE for the Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (SP203-1) scheme comprising of 4 modules: Design, Installation, Commissioning/Handover and Maintenance.

Using fire protection services that conforms to the relevant BAFE scheme ensures your project meets national standards and can be independently third party certified.

Full London Coverage

We have full coverage across London and we’re here to support your business during Covid-19.

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