Technology Systems in Birmingham

Our state of the art technology systems protect your assets 24/7


Technology Systems in Birmingham

Our state of the art technology systems protect your assets 24/7

Do you need technology security services in Birmingham? We are able to provide local resources dedicated to your site security and we can partner with you to design effective and affordable security solutions. 

At First Response Group we have extensive industry knowledge gained from working in many different sectors, and in organisations ranging from small businesses to large corporate organisations. This means we can tailor our solutions to deliver CCTV and alarm services in Birmingham which meet your demands and allow for comprehensive site security as well as future business growth.

Our CCTV systems in Birmingham

When assessing an organisation’s security needs, we are able to look at premises, property, people and the business itself. This allows us the ability to deliver CCTV installation services in Birmingham tailored to your individual needs. Our business knowledge enables us to implement these in line with your budgets and business goals, but also to ensure that these solutions are practical and future-proofed.

CCTV services we can offer include:

Alongside this we can go on the journey with you from site risk assessment to design and installation and finishing with ongoing service and maintenance. This gives you the whole-life solution you need for long-term effectiveness. Furthermore, our systems can be tailored to offer comprehensive whole site CCTV security or dedicated systems which targets ‘high risk’ or ‘weak spot’ locations. 

Our other technology systems

In addition to site security via CCTV, we have security and safety systems and essential monitoring systems which provide robust solutions for your entire site. Our business understanding allows us to design solutions which minimise the impact on your operations and allow for passive control on a 24/7 basis.

Our other technology solutions include automatic number plater recognition (ANPR) cameras and vehicle barriers for remote car parking security. We can provide various access control systems for all vulnerable access points in your building. We can design fire alarm systems to provide regulatory compliance and total site safety. And we can install intruder alarms which provide accurate and reliable alerts and can also supply useful monitoring data.

Contact First Response Group today to see how we have delivered technology systems in Birmingham and provided robust and long term site security and safety.

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We are able to work with you in line with your need for continual improvement, by continually re-assessing systems and practices, regular service and maintenance systems and through implementing new technology to deliver efficient solutions and reflect industry best practice.

Contact First Response Group today and we can discuss the many options available to deliver total site security and safety.


NSI GoldNSI is the most rigorous inspection for businesses operating in the security industry. NSI NACOSS Gold is the premier electronic security systems scheme designed for companies who meet the industry’s highest technical standards and maintain a commitment to continual improvement.

BAFE Registered

FRG is registered with BAFE for the Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (SP203-1) scheme comprising of 4 modules: Design, Installation, Commissioning/Handover and Maintenance.

Using fire protection services that conforms to the relevant BAFE scheme ensures your project meets national standards and can be independently third party certified.

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We have full coverage across Birmingham and we’re here to support your business during Covid-19.

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