Do you have a need for additional fire security at your commercial business in London? If so, contact First Response Group today for the best fire watch services in London.

Our fire watch services in London

Every commercial business requires a formal fire safety system, including risk assessments, evacuation procedures, a fire alarm system and other controls such as fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems. But you also need to have a system in place to recognise when additional fire safety services are required. This could be because:

  • Your fire alarm system is compromised – through maintenance, malfunction or a power cut
  • You have a water supply issue so sprinkler systems won’t work
  • You have no dedicated fire marshal on a temporary basis
  • You have hot work (welding, brazing or cutting) taking place on site
  • Flammable materials have been discovered on site
  • You have a special event taking place on site the following day
  • You have high value materials or equipment being temporarily stored on site.

In all these situations you need to make adjustments to your normal fire safety procedures and employ a fire watch service, also known as a waking watch service. Often these are short term or temporary controls to compensate for a break down in your normal fire safety system or to provide additional management controls where needed, for a limited period. These fire watch services can include:

  • Spotting fire hazards
  • Carrying out site and perimeter fire/security patrols
  • Initiating evacuation procedures
  • Alerting emergency services to fire issues
  • Minimising danger and loss of life due to fire issues
  • Minimising business interruption due to fire issues

First Response Group can supply you with specialist, trained and accredited fire watch professionals for your commercial business in London. We have experience of working across many different industry sectors to provide specialist skills and ensure you have complete peace of mind, so if you need fire watch services in London, then contact First Response Group today.

Your commercial business in London

What Are The Duties Of A Fire Watch Guard?London is the host of the UK’s Government and Parliament, and is the commercial and financial centre for the UK. As the largest city in the UK it has huge prominence, particularly when considering the Greater London area including local authorities such as Middlesex, Essex, Kent, Surrey and Hertfordshire. Fire watch and waking watch services are very common in London and the surrounding area, because of the hazards that exist and the many commercial operations that require such controls.

If you are an owner or landlord of commercial buildings or vacant properties, or if you are a landlord of residential high-rise flats or apartment blocks, you need to consider fire watch services in London. This will ensure you have sufficient health and safety controls in place in addition to your everyday management of fire safety and security services.

Why First Response Group are your fire watch services solution

At First Response Group we can answer your search for the best professional fire watch services in London. We have the skills and expertise to provide this additional layer of protection against the risk of fire, and the essential services you need to 100% ensure the safety of your people and buildings. We can provide this through:

  • Specialist fire safety knowledge and expertise
  • SIA-licensed security professionals
  • 24/7/365 available, fast and responsive personnel
  • Covering all areas of the UK
  • Award-winning safety and security systems
  • Full risk assessments of your site to establish your fire watch needs
  • Bespoke solutions tailored to your needs.

Contact First Response Group today for professional fire watch services in London, to ensure your business has the robust protection and additional measures in place to provide complete peace of mind, and to safeguard your business under all eventualities.

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