Decontamination & Infection Control

Protect Your Employees In The Workplace

Decontamination & Infection Control

Protect Your Employees In The Workplace

Do you need an effective way to keep your business protected from viruses?

We provide a safe, controlled and highly effective biological decontamination and infection control service for workplace disinfection and infection prevention. Our two-step process delivers innovative electronically charged sanitisation against all known viral and bacterial threats, protecting employees, limiting transmission and minimising business disruption.

Our 2-step process ensures your business can reduce infection and help stop the spread of viruses.

We will thoroughly sanitise and disinfect your high traffic areas and communal touch points:

  • Wiping of all touch points including switches, door handles, taps, toilet handles, phone receivers, trollies, keypads, handrails etc
  • Spraying of hard floors & carpeted areas

Our sanitisation process breaks down viruses & leaves residual protection. It is also safe for food surfaces in catering premises.

If the coronavirus has entered your building, we offer an electrostatic fogging process to fully decontaminate the area.

  • Touchless delivery of electrically charged disinfection and decontamination solution for 360- degree coverage
  • Ensures all contagions are removed from the air
  • Treats hard-to-reach surfaces & spaces

This electrostatic fogging process is non-corrosive & leaves no residue. It is also a fast & unobtrusive, ensuring minimal disruption.

The benefits of our decontamination and infection control procedures is that they are suitable for ALL businesses, no matter how large or small, including:

  • Occupied and vacant properties (offices, schools, colleges, commercial & public buildings)
  • Industrial & food production settings (water treatment and food production areas)
  • Construction environments (cabins, washrooms, canteens and rest areas)
  • Vehicles (cars, vans, public transport and aircraft)

Does your building need decontaminating?
Do you need increased infection control procedures in place?

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