If you have a property that your business has had to vacate because work has been paused, a sale is imminent or it is awaiting development, then First Response Group can help you fulfil your responsibilities to maintain it as safe and protect it for future use.

Once assigned to your vacant property in Harrogate, we can work with you to:

  • Maintain health and safety procedures
  • Inspect the building infrastructure for damage or deterioration
  • Protect the building from theft and nuisance
  • Clear and clean the building
  • Maintain utility services, including taking readings

This is all done using SIA licensed property caretakers who will implement a system designed with your full input and approval.

Managing your vacant property in Harrogate

You have the best possible knowledge of your premises, and we have vast security experience across all commercial and industrial sectors. This is why we partner closely with you and build a trusted relationship which enables cost-effective and practical solutions to be found.

We carry out a full risk assessment of your site, which aims to identify the key locations where actions are needed to protect your vacant property. This assesses the location and surrounding area, entry and exit points and the condition of the fabric and infrastructure of the building.

Once a building is vacant its internal and external condition can deteriorate rapidly, this is because key maintenance tasks and health and safety patrols are not taking place. Qualified and experienced personnel from First Response Group can take on these tasks and ensure your asset is maintained as safe and protected.

FRG Complete Facilities Management Services From Vacant Property To Occupied

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If you get in touch today we can implement rapid and effective security solutions, which adopt best practice and are flexible to allow for changing circumstances and priorities. You can be assured of 24/7 service and detailed monitoring around the clock if you contact First Response Group, so make sure you partner with us for trusted and responsive security of your vacant property.

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The service we have received from FRG has been phenomenal. Fantastic technology, courteous and capable operatives. Highly recommended.

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I am impressed with the level of security cover and would like to pass on a well done to all guards at First Response Group.

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The service we have received from FRG has been outstanding across the board. We are extremely happy with our experience.

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They understood the rigorous requirements of this flagship project and had the technical expertise to deliver the most advanced camera system I have ever used.

Senior Site Agent
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We found the service and support provided by First Response Group on this project to monitor bus queues and pedestrian traffic flow invaluable.

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