In these uncertain and changing times due to the COVID-19 outbreak, everybody needs some reassurance and dependability. This can come from many areas of our daily lives, and is particularly important as dramatic and unforeseen changes to routines and systems leave people and organisations exposed and at risk, particularly where premises are having to be vacated at short notice, or are on reduced staffing.

At First Response Group we have quickly recognised our responsibility as a provider of security and supporting security systems, and put in place a number of measures to reinforce our existing services. We understand that many people and organisations are faced with unprecedented scenarios and demands on site, which can lead to oversights, a breakdown of procedures or lapses in normal standards. We have therefore built into our emergency response programme a number of specific measures designed to help organisations respond to the coronavirus pandemic with informed advice and support.

Below is a list of ten ways in which First Response Group can assist with site security during this period of unparalleled uncertainty:

  1. Rapid Deployment of Systems – we can implement changes and new installations fast, especially wireless, visually-verified detection systems that require no power.
  2. Hybrid battery & Solar powered CCTV towers – these are ideal for business interruption and where cost savings are critical, and are available at short notice for a minimum four week hire.
  3. No breaks in our CCTV monitoring – remote working does not affect our ability to continue our site surveillance activities, cloud-based solutions allow us to work from anywhere.
  4. Rapid deployment of SIA licensed guards – we have the resources to help you with last minute shutdowns of premises and or construction sites and provide the level of security you need.
  5. Health & Safety Measurements – we already have measurements in place for specific coronavirus self-isolation units.
  6. 24/7 concierge service – we have already been deployed by a world-renowned university to offer 24/7 concierge service for a self-isolation unit, and we can react to your needs for similar security and surveillance measures around self-isolation units, wherever you are.
  7. Helpdesk facility – our expert helpdesk will continue to be manned to provide professional and knowledgeable advice on good practice, and specific services we can provide during the coronavirus outbreak.
  8. COVID-19 statements – we can help with specific coronavirus statements should any client require it. This includes addressing all the key actions and procedures you need to consider and make your employees and visitors aware of.
  9. COVID-19 “Crisis Management Team” in place – we have a team in place to manage daily changes to recommended protocol, as we recognise that Government advice and recommendation is changing rapidly. This can affect organisations hugely and we feel a duty to provide an independent voice that can speak with clarity, calmness and assurance to help you make key decisions and implement important systems in the right way.
  10. Fully operational – you need trusted advice and reassurance during times of crisis, so First Response Group have committed to staying fully operational and available at all times, with a duty to respond and support your needs where required.

Please contact First Response Group as normal at any time during the coronavirus outbreak. We believe that following trusted advice and implementing firm procedures will ensure business continuity as far as possible, and help to ensure people and organisations operate as effectively as they can during these challenging times.

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