There are many reasons why organisations sometimes need to leave premises empty for a period of time. Temporary situations are very common, and these can be whilst moving stock, moving to new premises, whilst closing down part of a business or as a temporary measure to ride out a seasonal or short-term business climate. There can also be many reasons why a delay causes a business to put plans on hold, and hence premises may sit empty for an unplanned or unforeseen period.

Empty buildings present huge security issues to an organisation, as they are open to theft, trespass, vandalism and, in extreme cases, squatting. A comprehensive, secure and cost effective solution to this is the use of a property guardian.

What is a property guardian?

A property guardian is a person or persons who occupy a building whilst it is vacant, to ensure that its condition is maintained and its security is controlled. This package therefore manages security, health & safety and ensures the building remains in good condition. Essentially, this means that you are maximising your assets and providing peace of mind for yourself also.

What are the advantages of using a property guardian?

There are several benefits to employing a property guardian in a vacant building.

  • Having the building occupied will reduce your commercial property rates and vacant property management costs. It should also ensure your insurance premiums don’t rise, as obviously having the building vacant leaves it exposed to several security risks.
  • In addition to the security issues presented by a vacant building, you are also susceptible to fire and water damage. A property guardian will carry out basic maintenance tasks on the property and can also quickly identify any issues relating to fire hazards, burst water pipes or water ingress, which would cause major problems if the property was vacant.
  • There are other ways to manage a vacant property, such as using 24/7 security patrols, installing CCTV or boarding up windows, doors and other access points. However, these all carry costs and more importantly, all highlight that the premises are unoccupied, and hence the property becomes a magnet for security issues. Using a property guardian is a more cost-effective and less visible means of managing the property and effectively to the outside world it ensures there is an element of ‘business as usual’, which is the image – as an organisation – that you are likely to want to promote.
  • Using a property guardian gives you more control, as you typically agree a temporary period during which they occupy the building, and so it will be ready for you to re-occupy at the end of this period. This reduces your set-up costs and brings forward the time in which you can bring the building back into use, ie. it is ready for immediate occupation. This makes planning much easier.

Professional property management with property guardians

The use of a property guardian is a visible deterrent to potential security risks, as it doesn’t highlight that a building has been vacated. It also reduces maintenance concerns and is a cost-effective means of passive property management. Furthermore, the property guardians you appoint will be professional and industry-approved, giving you complete peace of mind that your vacant property really is in the best hands.

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