The current climate of contact-free social distancing has led to the introduction of many new procedures and the application of innovative thinking to get around common workplace operations. But the need to screen people on site for signs of virus and fever is a completely new challenge for everyone.

First Response Group have a robust, practical and effective solution for fever screening, with a mobile unit as well as static fever screens that can be fixed to walls/ceilings to monitor people walking past. Our fever screen systems are designed to give you fast, contact-free and reliable indications of who may be safe – or otherwise – to enter or continue to occupy your premises.

The Fever Screen mobile device is a handheld unit which uses advanced detectors and algorithms to produce fast and effective screening individual people. This has an accuracy of ± 0.5°C and hence provides a reliable indication that an individual may be carrying a virus.

We can supply you with the Fever Screen Eco and Eco +, which each provide contact-free screening at a range of 1.5 to 3.0 metres, and with a high thermographic accuracy and high thermal resolution. The Fever Screen Pro increases this reading range to 7.0 metres and improves thermal accuracy to ± 0.3°C.

Now is the time to re-assess all your workplace controls and procedures, to ensure you have robust and effective solutions which can monitor the safety of employees, visitors and contractors. You can also ensure that your site safety is closely controlled in line with the latest Government guidelines.

Contact First Response Group today and we can carry out a site visit and thorough risk assessment to start the process of implementing effective controls for your fever screening and site safety. We can carry out a rapid response and fast deployment of resources to help manage infection outbreaks on your site, so don’t take any risks and get in touch today.

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