Health and safety on site is paramount to having a functional and efficient organisation. First Response Group can help you achieve that in numerous ways, particularly at a time when you might be managing a return to work or when having to operate in unusual circumstances. This is when strong procedures and a well-organised infrastructure can help in managing all types of situation.

In terms of managing health issues on site, we maintain a close eye on all changing legislation and Governmental guidance, and we can help you in implementing this.

At the moment, safeguarding employees, visitors and contractors from the risk of infection is absolutely vital, so we can supply mobile and temporary personal sanitisation stations for you to strategically locate on site. These have adequate and sufficient consumable supplies to ensure everyone on site can maintain the correct standards of sanitisation. We are also able to supply accompanying care packs to ensure that the sanitisation of equipment, structures and work surfaces is maintained.

Site cleaning is vital to managing the spread of any virus, and we can help in supplying professional and fully trained operatives to carry out frequent deep clean regimes on your premises, all performed in safe circumstances and following all recommended protocol.

Where your premises have to be crowd control-managed, we can deploy vetted and authorised officers to ensure safe distancing is maintained, and to monitor site behaviour and access to ensure you are complying with recommendations. We can also use technology to screen employees and visitors to site, to help in identifying high risk people in terms of the spread of infection.

Contact First Response Group today for a rapid and comprehensive response to your site safety needs. We can visit you and carry out a thorough risk assessment to establish exactly what controls you need in place, and we can prioritise and manage their effective implementation.

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