During this uncertain time for workplaces everywhere, if you are allowed to return or continue to work, you need to know you can do so in safe and controlled conditions, which comply with Government-issued guidelines. This might be okay and relatively easy to control at the beginning, but how do you maintain those standards to ensure long term protection for employees, visitors and contractors?

First Response Group have introduced a range of solutions which enforce a regime of continual decontamination, sanitisation and infection control. Biological decontamination and infection control is the most comprehensive and effective way to ensure your workplace safety. We have adapted robust working procedures and improving technology to introduce a two-step process to your workplace decontamination.

Step 1 – We can supply decontamination teams to carry out touch point sanitisation of all handles, surfaces, key equipment and floors in the workplace.

Step 2 – Electrostatic fogging is a touchless electronic system applying a 360 degree mist which provides lasting coverage. Using remote technology our system can remove contagions from the atmosphere and hard-to-reach areas to provide a thorough, non-corrosive and reassuring decontamination.

These solutions can be implemented with a rapid response to cover premises coming back into occupancy, or out-of-hours to decontaminate operational organisations. We can also cover all types of facilities; industrial buildings, offices, construction premises, mobile environments and commercial environments.

Our specialist techniques are perfect for the current, unique circumstances and enforce comprehensive solutions for difficult-to-clean areas, which otherwise may become the perfect breeding ground and a source of critical infection. This could be the difference between your organisation being able to operate or having to temporarily cease trading.

Get in touch with First Response Group today and we can design the right decontamination solution for you. We can carry out a thorough risk assessment of your operations and implement a rapid solution to ensure you have an effective, timely and cost-effective solution to your workplace decontamination.

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