Technology Systems & CCTV Installation in Harrogate

Our state of the art technology systems protect your assets 24/7


Technology Systems & CCTV Installation in Harrogate

Our state of the art technology systems protect your assets 24/7

Contact First Response Group for all your:

  • CCTV security
  • Health and safety alarms
  • Car parking security
  • Access security

You can partner with First Response Group to ensure first class CCTV and alarm security services in Harrogate. We have years of industry knowledge and experience across several different sectors, to ensure we are best placed to advise and recommend and design a robust and practical security solution for your business, based on the very latest technology.

CCTV installation services in Harrogate

Our CCTV systems involve remote monitoring and recording and the very latest systems available with 360 degree vision, swivel-head cameras and HD quality pictures. These features together can ensure you have comprehensive CCTV security and the best systems available to capture evidence and act as deterrents, according to your needs.

We can work with you to carry out site risk assessments, which identify areas of risk, blind spots and strategic positioning, to ensure all risks are covered and you have full site coverage to control and monitor people, materials and equipment and the building itself. We will look at all your access points and identify where risks are inherent and we can work with you to design permanent systems and networks, or temporary systems for short-term needs.

Our technology systems

First Response Group has built an extensive range of security solutions designed to give you assurance and peace of mind that your site is secure and able to function effectively on a 24/7 basis. This security extends to operations both inside and outside the building and covers:

Choose First Response Group for your security services in Harrogate

As a leading security specialist in Harrogate and the surrounding area, we have built our reputation based on creating a thorough understanding of your business and a first-hand knowledge of how it operates, in terms of people and procedures. Only in this way can we make accurate recommendations and provide robust, reliable and effective solutions.

So if you contact First Response Group today we will give you access to experienced and professional security specialists, who can advise on the very latest technological security solutions and how they can be implemented to help your business. These will allow you to have remote and automatic access and monitoring, and have systems in place that can evolve as technology also evolves.

Contact First Response Group today

If you get in touch today we can start to carry out risk assessments and site monitoring, in order to design suitable security solutions. These will be directly aligned with and tailored to suit your needs and will include after sales service and maintenance, to ensure your systems remain reliable and can be upgraded to incorporate the latest technology.

So contact First Response Group today and you can have 24/7 access to the best security services in Harrogate and can enjoy a safe and secure future for your business.


NSI GoldNSI is the most rigorous inspection for businesses operating in the security industry. NSI NACOSS Gold is the premier electronic security systems scheme designed for companies who meet the industry’s highest technical standards and maintain a commitment to continual improvement.

BAFE Registered

FRG is registered with BAFE for the Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (SP203-1) scheme comprising of 4 modules: Design, Installation, Commissioning/Handover and Maintenance.

Using fire protection services that conforms to the relevant BAFE scheme ensures your project meets national standards and can be independently third party certified.

Full Harrogate Coverage

We have full coverage across Harrogate and we’re here to support your business during Covid-19.

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