Technology Systems & CCTV Installation in Bridgend

Our state of the art technology systems protect your assets 24/7


Technology Systems & CCTV Installation in Bridgend

Our state of the art technology systems protect your assets 24/7

Contact First Response Group for your security solutions

At First Response Group we have used our industry experience and influence to build partnerships with suppliers of the best and most innovative technological security systems. And if you contact us today you can have access to that expertise and the best CCTV and alarm security systems in Bridgend.

Our CCTV installation services in Bridgend

The first stop for most organisations when considering security systems at work is CCTV. This acts as a means of discreet surveillance or as a visible deterrent, and First Response Group can help you with both. We can assess your site and talk to you about your circumstances and operations, and then design and install a robust and effective solution.

Our CCTV services include:

We can work with you to identify weak points in your security systems, and where blind spots could exist, and can then devise a system that covers your needs and gives you peace of mind in a cost-effective way. All our CCTV systems use the very latest technology in terms of providing 360 degree visibility, using HD quality coverage and allowing for fast, responsive recording, playback and shareability. This can become a crucial asset where evidence gathering is required.

Using technology for your security services

Our expertise in site security extends to businesses and organisations in many different industry sectors. This enables us to quickly understand the nature of your operations, the needs of your people and the potential risks on site. This means we can provide effective security solutions for all areas of your site, in addition to CCTV. These solutions include:

We can make recommendations which are designed to be in line with your existing procedures and the constraints of your buildings, people and operations. This ensures that our security solutions are always practical and effective and work together with your health and safety practices and policies.

Your security benefits if you contact First Response Group today

If you contact us today you will receive:

  • On-site security risk assessments from experienced industry professionals
  • Robust and practical security solutions
  • Cost-effective security that works in line with your people and procedures
  • 24/7 site coverage
  • Direct access to the best security services in Bridgend

When you invest in security you need to know that you are receiving comprehensive and professional security services. First Response Group have the experience and knowledge to deliver that and allow you peace of mind at all times. We also have access to the very latest technology, which provides accurate and reliable solutions to the very best standards, but also future proofs your systems so that technological development and innovation can be easily incorporated.

So get in touch with First Response Group today and we can partner with you to deliver the security services you need, designed specifically for your site and able to develop in line with your business growth. 


NSI GoldNSI is the most rigorous inspection for businesses operating in the security industry. NSI NACOSS Gold is the premier electronic security systems scheme designed for companies who meet the industry’s highest technical standards and maintain a commitment to continual improvement.

BAFE Registered

FRG is registered with BAFE for the Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (SP203-1) scheme comprising of 4 modules: Design, Installation, Commissioning/Handover and Maintenance.

Using fire protection services that conforms to the relevant BAFE scheme ensures your project meets national standards and can be independently third party certified.

Full Bridgend Coverage

We have full coverage across Bridgend and we’re here to support your business during Covid-19.

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