Employing a security services company is all about providing peace of mind and assurance. That might be in order to prevent crime in the shape of theft or damage, or it could be to raise awareness of standards within your own workforce. Good security services can also improve customer services, but the overriding aim is to safeguard the business, your employees and your assets.

But how does that relate to your everyday operations? You might look at how your business runs and see no obvious threat or need for security services. But here we have provided seven typical examples of scenarios where different types of security might be needed on a temporary or longer term basis.

  1. Vacant property

Property owned by your business can become vacant for many different reasons, and some of them without much warning. You could be renting the property out and it becomes vacant because you have no tenant, or are awaiting a new tenant. You may have recently bought the premises but are not moving into it for a few weeks or months, or you may have vacated the property for financial reasons and are trying to sell it. Businesses also have extended shutdowns where a property is left vacant of people, but full of stock and equipment, and in all these circumstances you need overnight and periodical patrols and security guard services to check a property is safe, secure and free from criminal damage.

  1. Pre-event services

Your business has an exhibition, show, product launch or a product demonstration and is set-up with important equipment overnight. Some of this may be outside the building also in an area in view of the public. You need to ensure that everything remains safe, secure and in place in readiness for the next day, so you can employ an out-of-hours security guard to watch over and patrol the site overnight.

  1. Hot work

In an industrial or manufacturing plant it is common for hot work such as welding, brazing and cutting to take place out of hours, and you need to employ fire watch security services to make periodical checks to ensure the area is left safe and no fire risks exist.

  1. Construction

Whether you are managing a full construction site, or your existing buildings are being extended or renovated, leaving part-construction overnight can be hazardous, particularly when the site layout, circumstances and hazards can change day-by-day. Out-of-hours security guards should be employed to ensure construction safety, where deep excavations, part-constructions, scaffolding and equipment is left safe and kept safe, particularly where passing trespassers could interfere in a public setting.

  1. New business

Opening a new business can be very challenging and first impressions definitely count. Many new businesses employ front of house services to greet customers and VIPs at openings and launches, and these services are often maintained as the fledgling business finds its feet and establishes itself. With many businesses, front of house services are critical and are retained long term to provide good customer services standards.

  1. 24 hour operations

Many production and manufacturing operations work in 24 hour shifts, this can be standard practice or could be a temporary change to meet short term demands. In either case, out of hours security guards can man the building and carry out patrols and waking watch services to ensure security around the clock. Gatemen and traffic marshals can also provide critical security services in these situations.

  1. Alarm tripped

It may be your worst-case scenario but it can often happen, whether deliberately or accidentally. Alarm systems are often triggered out of hours and so a good business should have systems in place to react. Key holding and alarm response services can look after these situations by following strict procedures and a hierarchy of responsibility.

If your business faces any of these scenarios and needs any of these security services, you can contact First Response Group and we can discuss a robust and effective security solution for your business.

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