Organisations have to deal with many different forms of nuisance outside the general day-to-day operations of the business. These could relate to security or environmental issues, but some of these problems are very difficult to detect and may only become apparent when it is too late. The issue of pest control definitely comes into this category.

Whether you are running an office, a residential care home or a food processing factory, pest control needs to be very high on your agenda because it can have serious repercussions for your business. Having high standards for pest control is as important as any other part of the business, quite apart from the fact that you have a duty of care to look after the health and safety of your employees.

What pests are common in commercial premises?

Pests come in the form of rodents, birds or insects and they can very quickly have a detrimental effect on human health by spreading disease, damaging the integrity of buildings and materials and they can also cause reputational damage to the business through bad publicity, which in many cases can be irreversible to the good name of the company. This is why your business needs to find a high-quality, responsive and discreet pest control management service to:

  • Identify risks
  • Put control measures in place
  • Monitor pest activity
  • Respond to infestations quickly and effectively

Common examples of pests found in commercial properties include:

  • Rodents – Rats, mice and squirrels
  • Flying insects – Wasps, hornets, flies
  • Crawling insects – Cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, ants, spiders
  • Bird – Pigeons and seagulls

Pests can be found in many different locations around a commercial property, but most often in roof spaces – particularly where fascias and soffits are damaged and pest ingress is easier – and areas that are used for storage but very rarely monitored or occupied, such as warehouses, cellars or areas of external storage. In these areas pests can multiply and spread very quickly because they are undetected.

Our pest control services

At First Response Group we are able to offer a comprehensive pest control service which will begin by carrying out a risk assessment survey of your premises. During this we will talk to you about your operations and procedures to establish what kind of pests might be in evidence or are likely to become in evidence, if this is not already known. We can then design a programme of controls to identify, monitor and react to ensure any pest infestation is kept under control.

These controls include regular checks and monitoring, dosage of the appropriate pest control materials and where infestations are found, the use of the latest techniques to safely and discreetly remove the infestation before it can take hold and cause material damage.

Contact First Response Group for quality pest control services

All our monitoring and prevention techniques use environmentally-sound materials and involve trusted procedures used in many different industrial and commercial environments. Our network of UK-wide resources will be able to react quickly and effectively to your needs. We will agree with you the correct course of action for your organisation and issue you with all our documentation so that all your employees can be fully informed on what materials are on site and what risks exist.

Our cost-effective pest control programmes can be used in tandem with other facilities management services that we offer, such as property maintenance, cleaning and landscaping. It is common for an infestation of pests to lead to these needs, and often a comprehensive facilities management programme will involve all these disciplines, so if you have any concerns about pests or have an infestation that needs dealing with quickly and discreetly, give First Response Group a call today.

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