A major aspect of facilities management is protecting the building and its infrastructure, and security is obviously a key element of that. But mechanical and electrical services also play an integral role in a building being protected in terms of providing a safe environment, as well as the building being fit for purpose and being able to house operations effectively and safely.

Mechanical and electrical services are essential to the fabric of any building, but a commercial property cannot function without these features being safely and adequately installed, tested and monitored. Many small to medium businesses do not have the resources to employ internal, dedicated expertise in mechanical and electrical services, and so First Response Group have developed a range of specialist mechanical and electrical solutions designed to ensure commercial businesses have trusted, reliable and cost-effective services to hand.

When does a commercial building need mechanical and electrical services?

In terms of mechanical services, all commercial buildings, regardless of their size or the nature of the operations, will have a boiler and plumbing and heating requirements, and they may also have ventilation systems and/or air conditioning. Electrical services also cover some integral features of a building, including CCTV installation, LV distribution, fire detection systems, lighting installations and data network installations.

These features are essential to the building functioning and may also be essential to the operations within the building, for example if it is an industrial or manufacturing unit which uses a lot of electricity or hot water, or has very important IT functions.

Facilities management is therefore the means through which mechanical and electrical systems are designed, installed, tested and routinely monitored. This involves project management, preventive maintenance systems and emergency repairs, and at all times has the key aim of maintaining compliance for the organisation. This can involve installations themselves, but also fire alarm testing, fire extinguisher testing, electrical safety testing, portable appliance testing, emergency lighting testing and water systems testing.

Every commercial business has compliance issues in terms of insurance and health and safety standards, and increasingly has wider targets in terms of sustainability. Mechanical and electrical services can help a business comply with environmental targets, this is done by designing and installing systems such as solar hot water, biomass heating, solar P.V, heat pumps and combined heat and power units.

Reliable mechanical and electrical services

Having a complete solution for mechanical and electrical services, also includes after sales solutions, such as planned preventive maintenance and emergency call outs and repairs. These are essential tools to a facilities manager and allow the business to operate efficiently. Every commercial organisation needs to operate with the confidence that business continuity can be assured. This means that there is a program in place to prevent unplanned breakdowns, but that if unforeseen downtime does occur there are 24/7 resources available to react and to minimise disruption.

So mechanical and electrical services are not simply about providing the power a building needs to operate, but doing it safely, efficiently and sustainably. This is a huge element of the facilities management function and needs to be carried out by specialist personnel with expertise, experience and qualifications. First Response Group can provide that resource with flexible solutions to manage your mechanical and electrical services.

If you need help with health and safety compliance, new installations, planned preventive maintenance or emergency repairs, you can partner with First Response Group and have trusted and reliable specialists on call 24/7 and available to provide the key infrastructure solutions you need, so contact our mechanical and electrical services team today.

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