CCTV is now fully established as an effective means of providing total security coverage across all industry sectors, and in a passive way that requires minimal manual intervention. In recent years CCTV technology has improved the quality of coverage and the way we can monitor, share and store important footage, and there are also now a variety of systems which can be more tailored to the specific needs of your business.

This includes the development of temporary CCTV systems. If you are installing a CCTV system, then you are wanting a system that monitors site activity from a vantage point or points that provide the best possible coverage, this is to monitor for issues of theft, trespass, nuisance, vandalism or arson. Your business has made the decision to adopt CCTV technology to either work instead of manned security patrols, or in combination with them, but either way, there are times when you may need a fixed and permanent CCTV system, or there may be occurrences and situations where a temporary CCTV system is more appropriate.

Understanding the difference between permanent and temporary CCTV systems

Permanent CCTV systems are of course a fixed installation that will be monitoring a particular site on a 24/7/365 basis. These can be wired or wireless installations and usually involve a network of one or more cameras which are installed in key locations, usually based on a risk assessment of the premises and the inherent risks identified. The camera footage is fed back to a central recorder, which is linked to a WI-FI network. A permanent CCTV system is fixed and generally speaking the cameras won’t move. This type of system is ideal for premises where the operations are fixed and long-term, and don’t change in terms of the activities which go on there and the hours of business.

A temporary CCTV system is more suited to remote, unmanned or short-term locations, and hence will have units which can be remotely operated and monitored and have tamper-proof protection. They will also be battery-powered so there is no manual intervention required, and the cameras will be located on adjustable stands or rigs which can be left in situ for the required timespan. Temporary CCTV systems can still provide the same quality of footage and you are still able to manipulate and use the footage in the same way as a permanent system, but the cameras and rigs are more mobile and easier to set-up, because they are only designed to be for changeable and short-term use.

Where are temporary CCTV systems more suitable?

Temporary CCTV systems are more suitable for:

  • Locations that are temporarily vacant
  • Locations which are under construction
  • Locations where the buildings and operations change every day
  • Where a business is operating differently (changes to flexible working or changes from 24-hour operations to more regular hours)
  • Locations subject to seasonal changes
  • Events, shows, festivals
  • Remote locations where there are no permanent staff but fast detection of damage, theft etc is required, such as substations

A temporary CCTV system needs to be very reliable because you often need to leave it unmanned and it can also be subject to harsh weather conditions, so a reliable temporary CCTV system will improve safety and security, will minimise downtime of the working environment and should also minimise costly false alarms, in terms of people being called out to deal with issues.

Additional benefits of a temporary CCTV system include rapid deployment, flexibility and a potentially more cost-effective solution for short-term projects. At FRG, we can provide flexible packages to include installation, monitoring & maintenance and a fully managed service.

High-quality CCTV solutions from First Response Group

First Response Group can carry out a comprehensive risk assessment of your site to establish the most suitable type of CCTV system, ie. a permanent or temporary solution. We have a large range of systems available with trained and professional staff able to install and maintain the systems. It is important to understand that things change quickly in business, and whatever industry sector you are in, we can adapt to your needs and quickly supply the most effective CCTV system to ensure you have the best and most appropriate security coverage at all times, so get in touch with our CCTV experts today.

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