Care homes are a setting where safety and security are essential for residents who could be elderly or vulnerable, or both. Having emergency assistance and formal procedures in place to ensure care home residents are properly looked after overnight or out-of-hours, is one of the most important responsibilities of a care home, and that is why they need professional safety and security services to ensure this is all robustly taken care of.

Alarm systems and emergency assistance are commonplace in care homes and allow residents of all ages and abilities to:

  • Have some independence
  • Enjoy some peace of mind
  • Have a user-friendly system always available
  • Have a flexible system available that can be used by both residents and care home staff

Where alarms and emergency warden call systems are installed in a care home, the resident can be left in their own private living area to provide them with vital privacy and independence. All the time they know that there is a practical system on hand to alert and receive attention ASAP. In many cases this system can be adapted to be available 24/7, offering peace of mind for times when staff levels are much reduced.

What emergency warden call systems should you choose?

In the first instance you want an emergency system to be fast, efficient and reliable. All the systems supplied by First Response Group offer these features, and come in various forms and solutions, including:

  • Ceiling pull cords and call buttons
  • Standalone disabled toilet alarms
  • Multiple alarm points
  • Central control stations
  • Battery back-up
  • Networked solutions

These systems allow 24 hour responsive monitoring as they can be linked to off-site systems allowing remote monitoring where required. All these systems are also compliant with BS8300:2018 – ‘Design of an accessible and inclusive built environment – Buildings’ –  and are particularly suitable for bedrooms, private bathrooms and toilets in care homes, but also in all healthcare settings, leisure settings, retirement homes and other commercial premises where elderly, disabled or vulnerable people may be present.

First Response Group for care home emergency safety and security

In addition to supplying and installing the best emergency warden call systems, First Response Group can provide a comprehensive service which looks after the care and maintenance of the systems also. This is essential in providing guarantees that the system is operational and reliable in all situations where it might be required.

First Response Group can agree contracted services which look after the installation and maintenance of your system, and this service will begin with a comprehensive site survey. This follows the format of a risk assessment where we can view your site layout and existing systems and identify where issues may arise and what systems are most suitable in each case.

All care homes, retirement homes and healthcare settings are different, and First Response Group can apply our knowledge and experience to design bespoke solutions unique to your environment. This ensures that your residents have dedicated solutions designed for them and suited to their specific conditions, location and circumstances.

If you need a review of emergency assistance and alarm systems in your care home setting, contact First Response Group today and we can provide you with a fast, effective and value for money solution.

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