If you are a commercial property owner or landlord, you will know all about maintenance and security, even if you have done nothing about it. Because if you have done nothing about it, you really need to do something quickly, and the ideal solution is a property caretaker.

Whether you are using a commercial property yourself, are leasing it out to businesses or are preparing it for sale, you need to keep it safe, secure and usable. This applies whether the property is for offices, warehousing, accommodation (private, student or social care), hospitality or retail. This level of protection stands to reason if you are using the property yourself, but if you are looking to sell it or lease it, then you need the building to be:

  • Available for sale or lease – so safety, licensing and any other compliance certificates need to be in order
  • Suitable for sale or lease – so the building needs to be clean, safe, secure and appealing

SIA licensed property caretakers

In such circumstances the building is likely to be vacant, while you await a new occupant moving in or while you find a new occupant. In this case a property caretaker is essential in order to provide round-the-clock security to prevent theft, trespass or nuisance, and to monitor the building condition and conduct compliance checks.

Specifically, a property caretaker will look after:

  • Security – 24/7 coverage via manned patrols or monitoring of CCTV, operating security alarms and putting barriers in place where required, ie. car parks
  • Maintenance – monitor  and protect against environmental hazards such as water and fire damage and organise general maintenance and repairs.
  • Compliance checks – on alarm systems, emergency lights and other safety systems specific to the property and required for insurance purposes

Of course the need for monitoring systems for insurance purposes are obvious, but generally, standards of safety and security are essential and could be very costly if they are left to decline, not just in repairs if the fabric of the building is compromised or deteriorates, but if a sale or lease falls through as a result. As a landlord and owner you would have to put the building back on the market and may then face a void period where you have no rental income.

How First Response Group can maintain and protect your vacant property

And it goes without saying that you need a property caretaker to be reliable, trustworthy and professional. After all, you are giving them sole responsibility for a very significant asset. Therefore you need a property caretaker who:

  • Has credentials and good client testimonials
  • Has qualifications and training
  • Is adaptable

At First Response Group we can supply your business with professional property caretakers in a fast and reactive manner, and we can adapt to whatever skills shortage you are facing. Our personnel roster is nationwide and flexible to work to the same standards whatever industry sector they are faced with, and whether they are required on a part-time, temporary or contracted basis.

This is why you can rely on First Response Group to deliver the peace of mind you need as a commercial property owner or landlord, so if you need a dependable and high standard property caretaker, get in touch with First Response Group today

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