Intruder alarm systems are a fundamental element of the infrastructure for any functional facilities management programme. They are essential for a business in terms of insurance, but of course play a crucial role in protecting premises from unauthorised access. This could lead to theft, injury and public liability claims, nuisance and damage.

So, intruder alarms are a powerful deterrent and a visible means by which a business can safeguard its people, buildings and assets. However, it can be a minefield selecting a service provider to install and manage the system, when the market is full of systems which will always claim to offer comprehensive protection and security, so how can you find a credible solution by breaking down the service offered, and what do you need to look out for when selecting a suitable intruder alarm company? Here, we have identified those critical elements:

Is it integrated?

An intruder alarm system can be a stand-alone system and can be perfectly fit-for-purpose, but increasingly businesses need better, more efficient and more integrated solutions. This means the alarm system can work with your existing controls, such as security guards, CCTV, access control systems and be linked to remote monitoring stations. This helps to raise the level of response when an issue has been identified. And when an alarm event has occurred, this will be followed-up automatically by a physical site visit from an SIA-licenced professional to investigate, report and react, thus ensuring the alarm system works alongside all your site programmes to provide a comprehensive solution.

Tailored solutions

Very few businesses, operations and premises are exactly the same, so there is no off-the-shelf product that can be immediately and effectively installed across a range of different organisations. The best systems therefore are tailored, in the sense that technology such as sensors and sounders are positioned and linked where they can be 100% effective. Being able to provide and install different systems in different industry sectors also means that different types of systems need to be provided, such as wireless, wired and hybrid systems, which are applicable to the unique demands of your specific buildings.

Robust and reliable

The technology and system needs to be well-designed, using the best quality products and materials, thoroughly tested and regularly maintained, primarily in order to avoid security lapses, but also to avoid costly false alarms.


An intruder alarm has to satisfy the criteria of external insurance providers, but also needs to meet European and British Standards. A good commercial intruder alarm company should be able to provide this standard of system.

Comprehensive cover

The best commercial intruder alarm companies don’t just stop at supplying and installing your system. First they will carry out a full risk assessment of your premises and operations, and from this they will make recommendations as to the most suitable solutions and only proceed upon your agreement. Then they should provide a full service and maintenance package to ensure your system is regularly tested and maintained in order that you can enjoy the peace of mind of comprehensive security at all times and on an ongoing basis.

Contact First Response Group for the best commercial intruder alarm systems

You can enjoy all the above features if you partner with First Response Group for your commercial intruder alarm system. We have vast industry experience of working in different sectors and applying high quality and effective intruder alarm systems. Whether your premises are fully operational, a vacant property or you have other existing controls such as security guards, we can work with your controls and requirements to ensure you have the best possible security solutions on a 24/7 basis, so contact our team of security experts today.

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