Whatever the size or identity of your business, it faces many security threats. These are increased if the business is left vacant for any length of time, is situated in a remote location or is in a high-risk location. These security risks can come in the shape of theft, vandalism, nuisance, arson or an unauthorised encampment. The costs of these security risks can be excessive, in terms of the costs of repair, insurance, potential legal cases, health and safety breaches and also the intangible costs of bad PR and possibly losing business, so guarding against these potential security breaches is a high priority.

As a business owner, your main duty is to the safety and security of your people, but you also need to secure your property and your assets, in terms of stock, equipment and machinery. There are various ways in which you can do this, and these include flexible solutions and a combination of several different solutions. The most effective security solution is mobile security patrols, because they can be adapted to meet your standards and requirements and can work with many other security solutions to deliver a comprehensive control measure and complete peace of mind.

What are the benefits of mobile security patrols?

At First Response Group we can deliver effective mobile security patrols to work alongside your people and operations. These can be designed to complement your existing systems and deliver effective results:

  • Flexible – our patrols will arrive at agreed intervals but randomly timed. This ensures they act as a visible and high profile deterrent but anyone monitoring their movements won’t be able to predict when they arrive.
  • Comprehensive – our security patrols will look for signs of damage, theft, intrusion, trespassers and any signs of increased risk, across your entire site.
  • Reporting – we report back to your central contact in real time.
  • Emergencies – if we detect a problem and need to contact emergency services, we will do so and our security team will remain on site until the situation is resolved.
  • Adaptable – we have the resources to scale up or scale down the personnel we deploy to your site with limited notice.
  • Professional service – our security personnel are all SIA-licenced and are experienced in dealing with all types of properties, businesses and industry sectors.

The key characteristic of mobile security patrols is that they can identify issues that maybe can’t be detected by other systems, such as CCTV for example. CCTV is highly effective and a good quality security solution, but it is possible your business can only afford an investment in a certain amount of cameras. This may leave blind spots where certain areas are not covered by CCTV cameras. A mobile security patrol can search and inspect these areas to ensure your site has 100% coverage at all times.

Flexible and professional mobile security patrols

In addition to working alongside a CCTV system, mobile security patrols can work with other security systems provided by First Response Group. These include vacant property inspections, key-holder and alarm response, health, safety and environmental patrols and lone worker welfare visits.

Contact our team at First Response Group today for all the information you need on the benefits and practicality of mobile security patrols, and we can carry out a thorough risk assessment of your site to identify what controls you need in place. We can then rapidly deploy our security professionals to your site to work in conjunction with your team and your operations to provide total peace of mind that everything is secured and protected.

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