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As Vacant Property specialists, FRG supply total Vacant Property Solutions nationwide to ensure your insurance and regulatory compliance obligations are met, and exceeded, in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Utilising our expertise and experience, we deliver your specific security and fire prevention requirements to void properties and vacant land across the UK with rapid deployment options.



Vacant Property Physical Security

Flat Steel Sheeting - We have a vast range of flat steel sheeting to cater for all property classes and variations. Our versatile and cost-effective system can be tailored to secure any size of opening, enabling re-use and ensuring against risk from intruders, glass breakage and ingress of the elements.

Keyless Doors - Our keyless doors offer afford maximum physical protection, while enabling easy access for contractors, employees and prospective tenants. With a sturdy keypad, 16,000 combination settings and a managed code system, it is the most effective means of restricting access to authorised personnel only.

Letter Box Seal - We seal all letter boxes during initial inspection to minimise the risk of trespass, arson, vandalism and other associated risks to the property.

Steel Security Doors - Our steel security doors offer maximum protection with minimal damage and disruption. Using reinforced steel and 5 lever mortice deadlocks, they are a robust physical barrier to intruders, especially when used in conjunction with steel screens and intruder alarms. Our steel doors are fitted without damage to doorframes and don’t require removal of the existing door. They are available in a range of sizes and allow full width access for tradesmen.

Perimeter Protection

To protect against illegal entry on foot or by vehicle we provide a range of tailored solutions to secure compounds, car parks and fields including:

  • Telescopic bollards
  • Concrete barriers
  • Hostile vehicle mitigation barriers
  • Heras fencing
  • Razor wire

Detect, React, Protect - FRG Detect

Our innovative intruder detection solutions are optimised to monitor vacant properties in unsupported and remote locations. FRG Detect wireless systems are the ideal solution to constantly monitor your assets, alerting potential security breaches before they occur.

Our innovative systems can be installed or relocated in a matter of minutes for immediate 24/7 protection, day and night.

The units are battery powered and require no infrastructure or complicated installation, making FRG Detect solutions the ideal choice for unsupported or remote locations or when rapid defence is required.

Advanced Intruder Detection – FRG DetectPlus

Our advanced wireless system, FRG DetectPlus, has built in analytics software, superior night vision and an increased incident detection range of 35m, both day and night.

The system can create a mesh network for full site protection and each unit is fully wireless and the size of a smart phone, giving you the versatility to quickly relocate on site or to a new property as required.

FRG DetectPlus uses advanced technology to alert only when the threat is real. The system’s innovative algorithm distinguishes between movements of humans and other environmental elements, delivering photo proof of potential threat every time to reduce the instance of false alarms.

Wireless CCTV Systems

We are experts in permanent and temporary CCTV solutions (Link to Corporate CCTV) and supply a complete range of the latest HD CCTV technology with advanced video analytics to provide a powerful deterrent against damage from vandalism and material loses from theft.

Protecting against illegal occupation of vacant land and property is a key security concern. FRG have developed an innovative 6 step strategy to prevent against unauthorised site or building incursion for squatting and fly-tipping protection.

Effective Solutions to Guard Against Illegal Occupation

We are experts in permanent and temporary CCTV solutions (Link to Corporate CCTV) and supply a complete range of the latest HD CCTV technology with advanced video analytics to provide a powerful deterrent against damage from vandalism and material loses from theft.

We focus on prevention with a unique Black Ops rapid security response procedure in place to quickly and effectively minimise any damage or tipping, reduce the risk of theft and decrease any clear up costs.

Physical & Primeter Security

  • Telescopic bollards and Barriers (powered and non-powered options).
  • HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) Barriers with the ability to stop a 7.2 tonne vehicle travelling at 50mph.

CCTV Detection & Analytics

  • CCTV protecting perimeter of building and monitoring unauthorised or suspicious activity.
  • Analytics & ANPR technology can identify known troublemakers (and create intelligence files for the future).
  • Creates an early warning system.

Red Line Zone (visual & audio deterrent)

  • Warning to intruders that site is protected & not to pass a specified area.
  • Zone is monitored by CCTV and specialists at our Remote Monitoring Centre.
  • If the zone is breached audio challenges issued (and Reactive security can be despatched).
  • Site ‘Branding’ will become instantly recognisable by travelling community (and others) supporting development of a ‘no go’ attitude, with preference to move on to an easier alternative.

Rapid Security Response (Black Ops)

  • Security response dispatched and/or Police informed if criminal act is taking place.
  • Option of rapidly deployable specialist security despatched to high risk sites where security has been threatened/penetrated.
  • Protect the site until the threat is removed.

Serve & Evict (Unauthorised Entry Gained)

  • Bailiffs are sent to start the process of serve and evict by issuing a notice to leave site (usually within 24 hours).
  • Option to Serve & Evict within 1 hour (reasonable notice must be given).
  • Police usually in attendance – our teams will remove people, vehicles and possessions.

Review risks & mitigate repeat

  • Risk Assessment review and recommendations provided to client.

Utilities Drain Down

We offer a complete drain down service for properties that are left vacant for a significant time period. In harsh weather conditions such as the winter months, our drain down service minimises the risk of water damage through burst pipes. Furthermore, dangerous bacteria commonly found in water are contained and prevented from spreading.

We can also ensure, where possible, gas and electric services are disconnected and our qualified team will reinstate all services when required.

Cleaning Services and Property Clearances

Whether you need one cleaner at a single location or a team of cleaning operatives across various premises, we provide professional cleaning across the nation. We are fully insured, accredited, BICSc approved and offer tailored services to meet your needs including bulk waste and fly tipping removal.

Temporary Fire Protection

As a BAFE Registered company, we can take full responsibility for design, installation and maintenance of temporary and permanent fire detection systems to mitigate risk from incidents or arson.

FRG Fire Wireless is easy to install and non-disruptive making it the ideal choice to protect vacant properties. We can design systems to any level or grade with purchase or rental options available.

Vacant Property Inspections

To ensure your sites are kept safe and secure, we conduct on-going, insurance compliant, internal and external vacant property inspections. Our team of operatives complete a thorough inspection, including the site perimeter, buildings (inside and out), door and window security and all fixtures, fittings and equipment.

Our innovative, smart device application enables us to design inspection forms around your specific needs. Our inspectors are able to complete evidence informed reports on their smart device and upload them to our portal in real-time, giving you peace of mind and a clear communication trail.

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