When you employ security guarding services there are basic pre-requisites that you expect as a matter of course. These are often compliance related, but also include the fulfillment of basic needs, so you expect a quality security guarding service to provide SIA-licensed personnel and to have the competence and procedures to adequately protect your people and business.

However, committing to security services can be a major investment for a commercial business, and in addition to the basic requirements of safeguarding your business from the threat of theft, vandalism, trespass and nuisance you often expect additional services. Professional security services need to survive and prosper in a very competitive industry, so they should be providing a range of services which add benefits and value to your business, and which go above and beyond the fundamental security needs. Here, we have listed five services that a good security guarding company should be able to provide for you:

  1. Identifying specific risk and threat analysis

Every business is different and presents different challenges to a security guarding company, so security services should not be presented as an off-the-shelf, readymade solution. To really understand the hazards and risks posed by your business, its location and its operations, a security guard service needs to carry out a thorough risk assessment. During this it will identify threats and weaknesses that are unique to your business. Furthermore, it will have the knowledge, expertise and resources to provide suitable security solutions to these issues. At First Response Group, our extensive cross-industry experience means we can tailor our security solutions to your industry sector and your specific business.

  1. A professional outlook

Sometimes security services are the most visible element of your business, particularly if they are front-of-house, or carrying out regular external patrols. Canine security is also a deliberate visual deterrent that is meant to be noticed. This does mean that, while you are employing security services as a sub-contractor, you need them to be a professional representation of your business, and often out of normal office hours. In some cases, they might be the only direct contact the public or a customer has with your business, so quality security officers should be trained in customer service techniques, will know and understand the legal boundaries of what they can and cannot do while protecting your business and will maintain a professional appearance to ensure they are properly representing your business at all times.

  1. Integrating your security services

While you might have an idea of what security services you need for your business, a good security provider should also identify and recommend areas of improvement. Often this will involve integrating one security solution with another. This might be seen as up-selling, or recommending more expenditure than you originally intended, but it will always offer benefits in terms of additional security, better efficiency and more business functionality, so this can mean combining officer patrols with CCTV, access control systems or front-of-house and concierge services. You will be able to weigh up the benefits and make your own decisions, but a quality security company should be able to integrate security solutions which complete your comprehensive security system but also offer practical benefits to the business.

  1. Round-the-clock availability

At times, security needs arise overnight when a business is vacant or there is only a skeleton staff on site. And even if a business is fully occupied overnight, the threat of trespass, vandalism and nuisance is increased, so you need security solutions that are available 24/7/365, but that doesn’t just mean security officers that are available overnight, it means you need a reliable security company who can provide resources whenever you need them. Situations can change very quickly, and hazards can develop at any time, so you need a security company that is contactable at any time, and who can supply experienced and professional personnel at any time.  We have a functioning 24/7control room and out of hours management support.

  1. Flexible solutions

Nobody knows the true nature of your business better than you, but you need a security services partner who is willing and able to understand and acknowledge how your business works. And if you need certain security services one week, but not the next, then you need a flexible supplier which can provide that. Equally, you might have occasional events or one-off requirements which require additional security measures. These temporary or short-term security solutions should form part of a flexible service that is adaptable and reactive to your needs. An inflexible service which cannot respond to changes in security demands, will soon fall short of your expectations.

If you need a professional security guarding service that can offer a range of solutions, tailored to your needs and which safeguards your business at all times, then contact First Response Group today.

Chris Senior

Article By:

Chris Senior

Head of Operations: North and Midlands

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