This year, the theme of National Inclusion Week (Monday 26 September to Sunday 2 October 2022) is: Time to Act, The Power of Now.

It is about embedding behaviours now, that will make inclusion an everyday reality. National Inclusion Week is the opportunity to kick start this. It is about being in the moment and alert to inclusion and exclusion (and responding).

Supply Chain Sustainability School‘s programme of resources covering the topics of this year’s National Inclusion Week include Inclusive Recruitment workshops during October and November to help improve your recruitment process.

The training programme of resources to cover each daily topic of National Inclusion Week:

🟣 The Power of Identity – Share who you are:
Speaking Out – Why & How: Webinar Recording –

🟣 The Power of Connection – Reach out:
Mental Health and Wellbeing: Webinar Recording –

🟣 The Power of Recognition: Empower your colleagues:
Inclusive Recruitment – the FIR way: 25th October –
Inclusive Recruitment – the FIR way: 22nd November –
Inclusive Recruitment – the FIR way: 14th December –

🟣 The Power of a Diverse Network -Expand your circle
Engaging a Diverse Supply Chain –

🟣 The Power of Knowledge – Take ownership of your learning
Achieving Business Success through FIR –

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