Occupiers of a residential complex expect and deserve to feel safe and secure in their own homes. This is particularly the case when residents are paying rent to a local authority, landlord or letting agent and therefore have an expectation of feeling safe and secure as a result. In managed residential properties, landlords have a duty to provide a safe environment and therefore, this is a basic right of the resident. Recent high profile examples such as Grenfell Tower, have shown that overnight fire safety monitoring is absolutely crucial, even where systems are already in place.

Waking watch services from First Response Group are a managed way in which this can be provided. Commonly undertaken overnight, but able to be tailored to suit any hours of day where it is felt there is a risk, waking watch patrols provide surveillance for the risk of fire safety and security.

Residential complexes are vibrant and happy places for most of the day, but at night they can be quiet, empty and eerie. This provides a heightened risk of security issues, but also means fire safety is more vulnerable, as hazards can materialise when nobody is there to react. In truth, however, fire and security risks exist 24 hours a day.

What is a waking watch service?

Waking watch services are professional security and fire safety patrols, providing a quality service to help maintain residential premises as safe, secure and welcoming. We use screened, vetted and trained personnel, accredited to the highest industry standards and practised in recognising fire hazards and conforming to existing fire management systems. This ensures a dedicated commitment to site safety and security.

In the case of residential premises – which usually entails apartment blocks and high rise buildings – we can provide a customer-focussed service which covers a walking patrol of residential areas throughout a specified period of the day, or 24 hours a day, which you can dictate. Our patrols take in communal areas, perimeter areas and isolated areas, to ensure all points of access are covered and all fire safety hazards are monitored.

Prior to working on site, our patrol operatives undergo stringent recruitment and training and are insured, SIA licenced and are practiced in all fire safety standards and the wearing of full PPE. We can provide bespoke inductions for every project, tailored to your specific needs on site and the particular fire safety risks that exist.

Residential fire safety services

In relation to your specific residential premises, we ensure that access control is covered, existing fire and security arrangements are agreed and ground floor access points, perimeter boundaries and weak points are highlighted. We also work with your appointed fire marshalls and familiarise ourselves with your fire alarm systems and existing emergency procedures. This all adds up to a comprehensive understanding of your fire safety and security arrangements. We then agree a patrol schedule that the client is happy with.

We can provide waking watch services in association with other related services such as CCTV system security, access control system security and hot work fire watch. This ensures that your residential premises have a comprehensive and professional fire and security monitoring system and you can fulfil your landlord duties to protect your tenants and residents.


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