CCTV has been a critical technological development in business security and most SME organisations have some sort of system in place. CCTV acts as a visual deterrent, but also guards against the many costs of security breaches such as theft, trespass and vandalism. These costs include repairs, insurance claims, management time, reputational damage and downtime and so CCTV can be a great asset for a business. But there are also occasions where circumstances change and a business has to be alert to maintain the same level of security.

These costs to a business become all the more frustrating if a lapse in management controls allows the organisation to be exposed to security breaches because temporary changes are in place. Different industry sectors pose different security challenges of course, but it is common for a short term situation to arise which requires an amendment to established security practices. In such circumstances management need to be diligent in identifying change and preparing for the different security risks this poses. In this situation a temporary CCTV system is the ideal solution.

Why do I need a temporary CCTV system?

A temporary CCTV system will maintain the same level of security for a business in transitory or high-risk circumstances such as:

  • A property is vacant awaiting a new tenant or sale, or during a shutdown period
  • A one-off event or a high-profile meeting is taking place and you want additional security
  • Construction is taking place on site and it needs monitoring out-of-hours
  • There have been instances of trespass, vandalism or theft recently at yours or at a nearby building
  • There has been an unauthorised encampment by travellers nearby
  • A large-scale event is happening nearby
  • The business has temporarily relocated to a new site and you need to maintain the same level of security
  • The business has moved to new premises but infrastructure installation is not yet complete and the fully integrated CCTV system has not yet been installed

In all these situations management is challenged to provide a short-term solution that is robust and matches the expectations of employees, customers and insurance bodies. A temporary CCTV system will do that because it can be integrated to work with your existing systems to provide a central monitoring facility for CCTV, fire alarms and security alarms. This enables you to maintain a single point of control while these temporary circumstances exist.

What are the benefits of a temporary CCTV system?

A temporary CCTV system has many other benefits also:

  • Fast and simple installation of SmartSite technology
  • It is mobile and can be positioned in a range of different locations
  • You can have multi-point coverage with linked cameras in different locations on-site operating at the same time
  • The cameras can operate in all weather conditions
  • The cameras run independent of mains power
  • The system can be left unattended for several hours
  • The system can be controlled and monitored remotely

You can achieve the same quality of security coverage with a temporary system, which might therefore include intuitive surveillance, heat maps and smart search facilities for finding archive footage quickly. This all enables the business to maintain existing safety and security standards to satisfy internal and external parties.

Contact First Response Group today if your business is facing disruption from changing or short-term circumstances and you need a robust, but temporary solution. Our temporary CCTV systems are reliable and high quality and will enable your business to navigate the challenges of this difficult period by ensuring one very important element of it stays the same.

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