As a security and facilities management services provider, First Response Group has the same approach to working with the public sector as it does the private sector. Our aim is to provide high standards of service within budgetary restrictions, so that our clients can too. And that is particularly important in the public sector, where financial controls are very much in focus but where life and work never stops.

The essence of our work as a facilities management services provider is in ensuring continuity and minimising disruption while making improvements and controlling the here and now. In the public sector this is more of a challenge, but many public sector organisations are now outsourcing non-core business activities to service providers such as First Response Group as a way of maintaining high standards in a cost-effective way that doesn’t carry ongoing overheads and labour costs. In return the service provider carries out a public service and has additional responsibilities, quite often in a situation where ongoing change can be a real challenge.

Examples of First Response Group working in the public sector

Across the many different strands of the public sector, a common feature is the financial pressure these organisations face while doing their best to maintain high standards. First Response Group are able to help with this by transferring our skills, knowledge and resources where they are needed. In recent times we have:

In addition we have worked in healthcare, education and local Government to provide health and safety solutions, access control, building maintenance and technological security solutions.

What does a facilities management provider in the public sector need?

In all these different public sector organisations two elements of our work have been fundamental to our success, namely our ability to secure the safety of both people and organisations, and also to do this in a way that doesn’t hinder workflows and enables continuity. At First Response Group we see this as our duty in terms of public service and this is uppermost in our discussions when we design a plan to address the facilities management services required by a public sector organisation.

Other skills that are particularly important when supporting public sector organisations include:

  • Comprehensive risk assessments to identify hazards facing both the public and employees of the organisation
  • Reacting to short mobilisation timeframes with adequate and appropriate resources
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances, needs and budgetary restrictions
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Professional attitudes and approach
  • Innovative and cost-effective solutions

Contact First Response Group for your public sector facilities management needs

If you are a public sector organisation with facilities management needs, then First Response Group can help address these needs with a thorough and comprehensive service. We target your precise requirements and can tailor a package which is flexible to your needs and is sympathetic to your challenges and restrictions, whether these are long term, permanent or temporary solutions. Our duty is to you and we can deliver a first class service to safeguard your organisation and its people against the unique challenges that you face, so contact our team at First Response Group today

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