ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, and is a system utilised by organisations where there is a high volume of traffic entering and leaving a site. The system can enable access and exit of pre-authorised vehicles automatically. An ANPR system can be used to create a secure and controlled parking environment by restricting access to only authorised vehicles.

As the name suggests, ANPR is a system whereby a vehicle’s number plate is scanned, to assess whether it is authorised to enter a car park using pre-set conditions programmed into the system. This enables an organisation to:

  • Restrict access to only company cars
  • Restrict access to only visitors
  • Restrict access to only pre-paid vehicles
  • Restrict access to only authorised vehicles

What does an ANPR system do?

The system allows the organisation to grant or deny access to certain vehicles, depending on how the system is set-up. Once a vehicle is within scan radius, a camera will:

  • Scan the number plate
  • Assess whether a vehicle meets pre-set conditions
  • Store the information in the system event log
  • Alert when suspicious or unauthorised vehicles attempt entry to the site
  • Enable entry and trigger the lifting of the barrier based on meeting the pre-set conditions
  • Open automatically to enable access when pre-set conditions are met, such as paying a parking ticket

So if you have ever driven up to an exit barrier in a car park and it has lifted automatically as you approach, this is an ANPR system working, recognising your number plate and being notified that you have paid your parking ticket. Cameras located adjacent to the entry and exit barriers can read the number plates, and within seconds the existing database of number plates can be scanned and the system directive enacted.

The database used with ANPR systems stores data for a set amount of time which can be controlled and managed by the organisation itself. This enables the business to record and analyse which vehicles are on site at any one time, what time employees arrived or left the premises and to set parameters and limits for which vehicles are authorised to be on site.

What are the benefits of an ANPR barrier system?

ANPR systems are very popular in private car parks, but also used in hotels, distribution centres, prisons, hospitals, leisure centres and holiday parks, and also in remote locations like the car parks of large international airports which are difficult to man. This effectively provides the following benefits:

  • A 24/7 system of automatic car parking security
  • Less operational staffing costs
  • Reduces human error
  • Avoids safety issues with having staff working unsociable hours overnight
  • Creates a safe and controlled environment 24/7
  • Provides an efficient and professional system for car parking entry and exit

First Response Group can work with you to implement an intelligent ANPR system to control and manage your car park security. If you want to know more about ANPR systems and how they can benefit your business, contact us today.

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