Temporary CCTV systems

Dependable and cost-effective CCTV hire

CCTV Tower

Temporary CCTV systems

Dependable and cost-effective CCTV hire

Our range of temporary CCTV solutions provide easy to install, cost efficient temporary security for construction and infrastructure projects, vacant buildings, substations and remote sites where early detection of trespass and theft is crucial to protect assets, improve safety and minimise project downtime.

FRG SmartSite Detect - Self-powered wireless intruder detection

CCTV DetectFRG SmartSite Detect fully wireless systems are designed and tested for use in the harshest of environmental conditions, alerting potential security breaches in real time with video verification and minimising costly false alarms.

How SmartSite Detect works:

  1. No mains power neededWhen suspicious activity is detected, the camera activates and records a video clip
  2. The clip is sent to the FRG Central Control room where our team of SIA licensed operators view the footage in real time.
  3. When the intrusion is genuine our operators can issue audio warnings, dispatch a mobile security team and call the police or emergency services as required.

Fast and easy to deploy

Our fully weatherproof Detect systems demand no existing infrastructure and can be installed or relocated in a matter of minutes for immediate protection. The portable units can be repositioned as your project evolves or moved to a new site.

Battery powered 24/7 protection

The Detect units are completely wireless with a typical 4year battery life making FRG Detect solutions the ideal choice for unmanned or remote locations. 4 infrared LED’s give night vision up to 12m to ensure a clear picture even in low light conditions.

Tamper detection

FRG Detect includes a built-in tilt sensor triggering an alarm in the case of any tampering or change of unit orientation.

Versatile security

From one wireless control panel a range of modules can be added to the FRG Detect system to meet your specific security requirements including:

  • Door contacts
  • Heat and smoke detectors
  • Audio sirens
  • Additional wireless cameras

FRG SmartSite HD CCTV Systems

Using simple configurations our temporary SmartSite HD CCTV systems can be up and running fast to quickly secure your project from potential threat and increase the safety and security of your site.

High performance, low cost

With a 30m detection range, water and dust resistance and excellent low light performance, you are guaranteed clear and precise HD imagery 24/7.

Remote monitoring

You can access live camera feeds from your PC and mobile devices while static DVR’s record footage to aid incident handling and prosecution. For peace of mind around the clock we can provide out of hours remote monitoring from the FRG Central Control Room.

FRG SmartSite CCTV Towers

Our rapid deployment towers can be set up in minutes. These flexible and efficient tower solutions are ideal for securing a temporary site – construction, events, infrastructure and more.

SmartSite Ultra CCTV Tower

SmartSite Ultra CCTV TowerSmartSite Ultra CCTV Tower is the industry’s most advanced & fully integrated, rapid deployment CCTV tower. Standing 8m tall it provides maximum physical deterrent to prevent criminal behaviour and minimise resulting project downtime.

  • 100hrs battery back up
  • High definition PTZ camera – 150m IR range
  • 40m detection range with wireless PIR detection
  • Time lapse video capability
  • Live audio challenge
  • Customer portal to view images
  • ‘Unpluggable’ design – intruders can’t turn the camera off

Remote monitoring by FRG control room

SmartSite Ultra Self-powered CCTV Tower

No Power? No problem!

Our hybrid is a self-powered & completely independent version of our SmartSite Ultra CCTV tower. It boasts all the features of the standard model with self-integrated solar and battery power for improved product efficiency and zero emissions.

ANPR and thermal options available.

Time Lapse Video

Alongside your site temporary security needs, we can record your project from site clearance to the completion, using our time lapse video service. Using the latest camera technology and editing software we can produce HD videos to document and demonstrate the progress of your project.

This powerful tool captures live full site images to share with clients and key stakeholders in real time. I can also be a professional marketing tool to showcase your most prestigious completed projects to clients and embed on your website.

Dedicated to high standards

FRG is certified by the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) for Access Control Systems, CCTV Systems and Intruder Alarm schemes. The SSAIB is the leading certification body for organisations providing security and safety related services. It promotes high standards of service and is a Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved certification body.

Full UK Coverage

We have full coverage across the UK and we’re here to support your business during Covid-19.

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