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Have eyes on your site 24/7 with our SmartSite Intruder Detection and CCTV solutions.

Improving Site Safety while Deterring Criminal Behaviour

We understand that construction sites have wide variety of constantly changing security challenges including: Health & Safety compliance, vandalism, accidents and theft. Our Smart Site Intruder Detection and CCTV systems are a cost-efficient way to minimise these risks and associated project downtime whilst increasing the safety and security of your site.

Our dedicated Account Managers work with you to ensure our solutions grow with your site, adding additional cameras or relocating as the project develops. Backed by our dedicated National Control Centre operatives for out of hours remote monitoring you will have peace of mind 24/7 from project start to completion.

Self Powered Wireless Systems

Rugged, Reliable and Rapid Intruder Detection – FRG SmartSite Detect

Our SmartSite Detect fully wireless systems are designed and tested for use in the harshest of environmental conditions, alerting potential security breaches before the occur.

Our wireless systems demand no existing infrastructure and can be installed or relocated in a matter of minutes for immediate protection, day and night. The units are battery powered, making SmartSite Detect solutions the ideal choice for unsupported or remote locations.

When suspicious activity is detected, SmartSite Detect immediately alerts our National Control Centre with visual confirmation of the event. Our trained Control Centre operatives review and forward alarm details to on the ground security personnel or keyholders to provide a fast response to any incident.

Advanced Intruder Detection – FRG SmartSite DetectPlus

Our advanced system, SmartSite DetectPlus, has built in analytics software, superior night vision and an increased incident detection range of 35m, both day and night.

SmartSite Detect Plus uses advanced technology to alert only when the threat is real. The system’s innovative algorithm distinguishes between movements of humans and other environmental elements, delivering photo proof of potential threat every time to reduce the instance of false alarms.

Versatile Site Protection – FRG SmartSite DetectPlus

With the built-in ability to create its own mesh network, SmartSite DetectPlus units can quickly provide full site protection and it is easy to add additional units to the network or relocate as your project develops.

Multiple sites? No problem. The SmartSite DetectPlus platform enables multiple cameras monitoring hundreds of different sites without the need for constant supervision.

CCTV Security Systems

Our SmartSite CCTV solutions provide easy to install, cost efficient security for smaller sites. With simple configurations and wireless technology these systems can be up and running fast to quickly secure your project from potential threat.

You can access live camera feeds from your PC and mobile devices while static DVR’s record footage to aid incident handling and prosecution. For peace of mind round the clock we can provide out of hours remote monitoring from our dedicated National Control Centre to reduce the number of on-site guards required to protect your project.

Integrated CCTV Solutions – SmartSite CCTVPlus

Our integrated SmartSite CCTVPlus systems are ideal for demanding, high profile projects. We provide a complete design and build service for any level, from entry up to enterprise, balancing technology, guarding requirements and your budget.

These fully customisable solutions can integrate with our SmartSite Fire systems and SmartSite Access Control systems to provide full site situational awareness in the event of a security breach, health & safety or fire alert.

High Spec Technology & Advanced Video Analytics

All our HD CCTV cameras are equipped with night vision technology to guarantee clear and precise monitoring round the clock and advanced analytics software can seamlessly track intruders or staff as they move around your site.

The responsive analytics software uses the data from your cameras intelligently. It refines and narrows down to just the events relevant to you. And it does it fast, so you can respond to incidents quicker, reducing potential risk and saving time and money.

Stand alone deployment

Construction Security Tower Solutions No power?

No problem. We can deploy our SmartSite Detect, Detect Plus and CCTV solutions as standalone tower systems.

These mobile towers require no data or power and can cope with the most demanding or remote site environments. Systems can include audio loudspeakers to act as intercoms to communicate with intruders or staff in emergency situations.

Time lapse video

Record Your Project lifecycle

Alongside your site Intruder Detection and CCTV security needs, we can record each project from site clearance to the completion, using our time lapse video service.

Using the latest camera technology and editing software we can produce HD videos to document and demonstrate the progress of your project.

This is a powerful tool to capture live full site images to share with clients and key stakeholders in real time. I can also be a professional marketing tool to showcase your most prestigious completed projects to clients and embed on your website.

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