Temporary Fire Alarm Systems for Construction Sites

Our tailored SmartSite Fire solutions help you protect your site and achieve insurance and regulatory compliance quickly and efficiently

Temporary fire alarm systems for construction sites

Temporary Fire Alarm Systems for Construction Sites

Our tailored SmartSite Fire solutions help you protect your site and achieve insurance and regulatory compliance quickly and efficiently

Reliable, simple and tough fire safety

We understand the need for high performance, mobile and wireless fire alarm systems, delivering easy alert to protect site workers, prevent programme delays and decrease potential damage.

Our BS EN54-certified evacuation system meets all European standards and insurance requirements and is available for hire on construction sites of all sizes. The system offers fast deployment with a simple, rugged design which stands up to the changing demands of your project.

Mobile & Scalable Solutions

Installation takes just minutes and the intuitive main control panel links up to 127 wireless alarm units to provide full site coverage. To sound the evacuation alarm staff simply press the red button on the heat, smoke and dust proof alarm unit and a site wide alarm is triggered. The alarm units are housed on robust, expertly engineered mobile Fire Post stations which can be easily moved to different locations as escape routes change. Additional stations can be added to the alarm mesh system as the project grows.

To ensure usability, the Fire Post stations are designed with site conditions in mind. They have a precise centre of gravity to avoid toppling, even when extinguishers are removed, and ergonomic handles for ease of movement. The station comes with all required signage and space for a site map so your project is fully compliant within minutes.

Combined First Aid Assistance

In the case of an accident on site you need to ensure help will get to your employees, contractors and visitors quickly. To improve response times and potentially save lives, the wireless alarm units include a dedicated First Aid Assistance button which allows an immediate call for help without triggering a full site evacuation.

The First Aid Assistance option green button sends a radio signal to the control panel providing an ‘Assistance Needed’ message on the display along with the number of the unit that has been activated. First aiders can be quickly directed to the incident, and if required, the whole site can be put on alert.

Cost Saving Self-service Extinguishers

The Fire Post station includes a revolutionary self-service foam fire extinguisher made from an ultra-tough composite material, which cannot corrode. This high-performance extinguisher boasts two pressure indicator gauges, which effectively calibrate each other, a 20 year life cycle, and a 10 year guarantee. This dramatically cuts the costs and time associated with extinguisher servicing.

In addition, the EN3 & MED approved foam extinguisher has been tested on and approved for use on live electrical equipment up to 1000v at 1 metre. In the majority of cases, this removes the necessity and costs of a separate CO2 extinguisher.

Heat & Smoke Detection for Early Warning

Speed can often be the defining factor between an incident and a disaster. To guarantee early discovery off fire and activation of fire alarms your design can be enhanced to include hardwired or wireless heat and smoke detectors. These easy to install detectors are linked to the main control panel and will trigger site wide alarms if smoke or excess heat is detected in the vicinity.

Fault Monitoring & Tamper-proof

To give you peace of mind that the system is operating correctly, the control panel constantly monitors connections between stations, and gives you warning if any station becomes disconnected, or if battery power runs low. This is of vital importance in a site environment which is constantly changing. The panel also has a test mode function, which enables you to conduct a complete walk of the site, checking each alarm unit without returning to the panel to reset.

To prevent unauthorised access the alarm units are closed using a single security hex-key. The aerials are also contained within the casing to prevent damage and interference. If siting in a non-secure area the control panel can be set up with an optional access code.

Integrate for improved safety & efficiency

Our specialised interface panel allows for complete integration with your other site systems including CCTV and Access Control services to give you complete situational awareness to aid detection, ensure your evacuation routes are accessible and minimise damage.

BAFE Registered

FRG is registered with BAFE for the Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (SP203-1) scheme comprising of 4 modules: Design, Installation, Commissioning/Handover and Maintenance.

Using fire protection services that conforms to the relevant BAFE scheme ensures your project meets national standards and can be independently third party certified.

Full UK Coverage

We have full coverage across the UK and we’re here to support your business during Covid-19.

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