Construction, Infrastructure & Utilities

Safe, compliant and efficient project solutions delivered with first-class service

Construction, Infrastructure & Utilities

Safe, compliant and efficient project solutions delivered with first-class service.

Our key relationships with the UK’s critical infrastructure providers and major construction contractors gives us a clear understanding of the sector’s needs and challenges. Our solutions play a key role in keeping the country functioning and our knowledge and expertise gives us the capability to deliver best in class solutions to the following sectors:

We partner with UK rail companies to provide security and risk management solutions tailored to their unique sector needs. The rail network has to operate efficiently and has to be reliable, it also has to provide a quality service with value. Our nationwide coverage can help ensure that these critical factors are delivered, through designing and providing innovative security, risk management and facilities management solutions.

Energy and water are essential to the functioning and development of the UK. We provide specialist security solutions tailored specifically to water and energy providers, which will mitigate risk and ensure a continuity of supply and a quality and consistency of supply. These controls pay full respect to health and safety legislation and the meeting of environmental targets.

From inception to completion, FRG provide integrated security, fire protection and risk management solutions for contractors working on critical national infrastructure and major projects across the public and private sectors. Our expertise helps ensure your projects are delivered on time and on budget with an emphasis on quality of delivery. 

Ensuring a safe, secure and legal site throughout your programme of works is the most important element of running an efficient and profitable build. Our solutions help house builders across the UK overcome site safety, security and legislative challenges effectively and economically.

The UK road network is a critical public asset, and FRG can provide effective and innovative safety and management controls to help keep traffic moving 24/7. Our expertise helps improvement works stay safe and cost efficient while our innovative technology can help deal with issues on the road network in order to keep the country operating efficiently.

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