Streamlined 24/7 productivity protection


Streamlined 24/7 productivity protection


With customer demand constantly growing, the highly sophisticated industrial and manufacturing sector has a dramatically increased need for scalable security solutions to protect productivity. FRG offer an integrated approach, combining innovative security, facilities and workforce management solutions to identify and mitigate potential risk factors before they become operational problems.

Manufacturing security

From production line accidents to quality control process compliance, minimising risk to your workforce, your assets and your end product is our priority. Our professional and experienced team conduct thorough risk assessments to identify all known threats and hazards, so we can design tailored solutions that respond and protect your employees and business operations.

Warehouse and distribution security

To maximise the safety and efficiency of warehouse operations, we provide a wide range of logistics and distribution solutions. Our experts help you to control inventory shrinkage, maximise security, enhance fire protection, maintain your assets and comply with legal responsibilities.

NSI Gold

NSI Gold

NSI is the most rigorous inspection for businesses operating in the security industry. NSI Guarding gold is the mark of approval for the elite reflecting our commitment to high standards of service, integrity, technical expertise and professionalism.

BAFE registration

As a BAFE Registered company, we can take full responsibility for design, installation and maintenance of temporary and permanent fire detection systems to mitigate risk from incidents or arson.

Case Study
XL Joinery – Warehouse integrated fire alarm and security system

XL Joinery are a market leading supplier of wooden doors supplying over 400,000 doors every year to the public and private sector. As part of a £7.6M office and warehouse refurbishment programme, FRG designed and installed an integrated fire alarm and security system to protect the vast 16,000m2 building and the stock housed within. The package included innovative Fire Alarm Aspiration Technology (FAAST) in the warehouse to provide ultra-early detection of combustion even before smoke is present. This gives extra time for the fire threat to be minimised, preserving life, protecting stock and maintaining business continuity.

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We have full coverage across the UK and we’re here to support your business during Covid-19.

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