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Looking For A Security Company  In  Scotland?

As an established, nationwide multi-service security organisation, First Response Group (FRG) have the resources to provide 24/7 site support that is dedicated to your specific needs. Whatever the size of your organisation, and whether you reside in the public or private sector, we recognise your commitment to security, risk and facilities management and we can respond to that.

What site services can we offer in Scotland?

We take a thorough and comprehensive approach to your total security needs in Scotland, and offer solutions that are IT-based, personnel-based and system-based. This incorporates site security, site safety and operational systems, such as providing labour resources and site-set-up.

All our total security solutions can be adapted to different sectors and industries, as we have the specialist skills and accreditation to apply our systems in corporate, industrial or commercial settings.

Security solutions in Scotland

Our resources enable us to provide 24/7 responsive cover across Scotland. So we can design systems and provide total security solutions in the major cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, but we can also service your needs in outlying areas such as Dumfries, Dundee, Greenock and Inverness. We recognise that your individual needs are as important to you, wherever you are, and that industry and commercial activities thrive in all areas of the country, so contact us today to see what we can do for you. 

security services in scotland uk

Why choose First Response Group?

Through implementing effective and efficient total security solutions, First Response Group have established themselves as a leading provider of security, risk and facilities management services. This has been achieved through the following:

  • Providing and implementing professional packages, which are based around the quality and standards you expect, and fully answer your organisational needs. 
  • Our bespoke solutions are dedicated to your individual organisation. We don’t just offer off-the-shelf solutions, we study your organisation, talk with you and mutually agree a package that suits your needs.
  • The principal aim of FRG is to be responsive. We recognise that security is about being prepared, so we put resources, structure and systems in place to ensure we can respond in all circumstances and provide you with 24/7 total security coverage.
  • We can achieve these high standards because we are accredited. Our systems and personnel comply with industry regulations and training standards, and so we can ensure your compliance across the board, whether you are a fledgling, start-up business with a stand-alone project, or a multi-national organisation with long-term, multi-site needs.

About Scotland

Scotland is a major financial centre of the UK, also covering roughly the northern third of Great Britain. With a population of approximately 5.5 million, Scotland is a mixture of rural land, small isles, big cities and thriving small towns. The capital city of Scotland is Edinburgh, but Glasgow is the largest city, but both have strong commerce, retail and tourism trades.

With an established military and cultural history Scotland relies on a mixed economy which has moved on from the traditional heavy industries, but still sees some offshore oil operations.

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We can look after your complete operational needs in terms of total security, and as an innovative and responsive company, First Response Group are dedicated to providing the comprehensive service you need. Call us today on 0330 124 5670 or click here to send an enquiry and we can design and implement your security, risk and facilities management solutions.


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