FRG - First Response Group

Our People

At First Response Group, we understand that our people play a crucial role in providing you with the best security and facilities management solutions.

It isn’t just about the latest technology. You need the right people, in the right place, with the right attitude to deliver it. That’s why we have developed a robust training and development philosophy based on employee ‘happiness’ and ‘inclusion’ which motivates and supports our staff to provide outstanding customer experiences.

Our mission is:

‘To provide our customers with the best service and innovation, through supporting our employees and creating a culture of 'inclusion' and 'happiness'.

Our Values

Honesty, Professionalism & Integrity – This is the cornerstone of our business and your positive experience as our customer is our priority.

Understand your requirements – All our integrated security and facilities solutions are designed bespoke to your individual business requirements.

Deliver what we promise – We pride ourselves on delivering the service other companies can only promise.

Provide the best project support available – We are adaptable and flexible anticipating our clients’ needs as they evolve.

Innovation – We passionately pursue the development of our people, the technology we supply and the continual improvement of our overall business operations.

Add Social Value – We believe in acting ethically, responsibly and adding value, not only in our commercial activities, but to the communities in which we operate.

Our Environmental Commitment

We are committed to act as guardians of the environment and endeavour to continually improve our performance in this area. We are proud of our ISO 14001 accreditation, which we have held since 2010.

Our environmental management system provides our staff and suppliers with comprehensive working practices and procedures to follow throughout their work. The system is fully introduced during induction training, with regular refresher training for all employees. Ad-hoc communications on environmental matters take place via toolbox talks, site documentation and notice boards, our newsletter and this website.

Our performance is measured, monitored and reviewed against targets to identify deficiencies to drive continual improvement. The system is externally audited by the BSI annually.

To mitigate negative environmental risks and promote positive environmental impacts, we identify and evaluate risks and ensure appropriate controls (including change controls) are implemented as required. Our internal auditors conduct monthly site visits to check compliance and test knowledge of our frontline staff, with results being discussed in monthly management review meetings to allow the identification of lessons learnt.