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First Response Group Case Studies

Construction, Infrastructure & Utilities

First Response Group Case Studies

Utilities: Integrated Site Solutions at Chalton Water Recycling Centre Upgrade

As part of a £20million upgrade to build Europe’s largest Tertiary Treatment Facility at the Anglian Water WRC in Chalton, near Luton, FRG delivered a range of integrated site solutions to help control safety and standards over the 52-week project lifecycle.

FRG’s site solutions included: 3 self-powered hybrid CCTV towers positioned at key positions to provide full site coverage. These cameras were remotely monitored from the FRG Central Control Room and included a dedicated time lapse camera to record the complete project.

A 24hr Gateman service controlled the traffic flow at access points and acted as a first point of contact for all visitors, suppliers and deliveries. This was backed up with a static IP camera monitored by a dedicated NVR in the Site Management Office, allowing monitoring and recording every person and vehicle entering and exiting site.

A full time FRG BICSc certified cleaning and welfare operative to keep the site hygienic and safe completed the integrated solutions package.

Read the full project case study here

Rail: Crossrail C305 Limo Peninsula – Integrated Security and Access Control Solutions

DSJV were looking to engage a security provider with experience providing an integrated security approach on multiple sites as part of the Crossrail delivery requirements. DSJV competitively tendered out the security package and First Response Group emerged a winner.

FRG provided a range of technology solutions across 8 site compounds including full height pedestrian biometric and card reader access control turnstiles with integrated labour data including time and attendance and payroll approvals, manual and automatic vehicle control barriers and CCTV cameras monitored by FRG personnel.

84 SIA licensed, vetted and trained FRG security officers and traffic marshals provided manned security services including monitoring and recording all vehicles entering and exiting and direct all vehicles movement on site, CCTV monitoring, controlling access to the tunnels and providing concierge services to the main compound offices. Hoist drivers were also provided.

The project has been awarded the Safety Award for achieving best results in health and safety. FRG Operatives working on this project were awarded various awards including respect, quality workmanship and attitude to safety.

Read the full case study here

Major Projects: Deepcut Barracks Redevelopment – CCTV Security

Skanska, one of the world’s leading project development and construction groups, required a round-the-clock security solution to protect a vulnerable building, housing essential IT and data equipment, located on the flagship Deepcut Barracks redevelopment.

FRG installed a state the art 4 camera system on the outside of the building to provide full coverage of the perimeter and all potential entry points providing discreet and sophisticated intruder detection, backed up with out of hours monitoring from the FRG Central Control Centre.

During working hours, the camera feeds connect to a monitor in the site control room. Out of hours the cameras automatically connect to the FRG Central Control Centre and advanced analytics act as a virtual tripwire, only alerting FRG operators when suspicious activity occurs close to the property, reducing false alarms. Via remote monitoring, any suspicious activity is tracked and audio warnings issued through the speaker to further deter criminal behaviour and vandalism. If the behaviour persists operators can call a response team or the police while continuing to track the assailant.

FRG’s solution proved significantly more cost efficient than manned guarding options, reducing the budget required by 90% and saving approx. £90K per annum.

Read the full case study here

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