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First Response Group Case Studies

Retail: ALDI UK Social Distancing Officers

ALDI is one of the UK’s fastest growing supermarket chains. In response to the COVID 19 pandemic UK lockdown, ALDI stores needed to rapidly implement social distancing and crowd control measures to stop virus spread. ALDI’s current national framework security provider was struggling to provide Social Distancing Officers in Northern England and North Wales.

ALDI asked FRG to provide Social Distancing Officers at 8 stores during opening hours starting on 21st March – the next day. Despite having no notice or any existing relationship with ALDI, FRG rapidly responded. When the 8 stores opened the next day FRG had SIA licensed security officers in place ensuring social distancing measures were followed and staff and assets were protected.

The provision rapidly expanded and by 27th March FRG were covering social distancing security at 33 ALDI stores including Liverpool, Warrington, Stoke and Rhyl.

Due to the professional, fast and flexible services provided by FRG, what began as a weekend of cover at 8 stores became 2 months of cover across 40 stores. By the 22nd May when the contract ended FRG had provided over 8,000 COVID 19 security hours across 40 ALDI stores.

Read the full case study here

Retail: Workman Arnison Mercia Retail Park Incident Response

Managed by Workman, the UK’s largest independent commercial property management and building consultancy firm, The Arnison Mercia retail park is Durham’s biggest out of town retail destination. FRG have provided Security, Building Management, CCTV and Cleaning Services on the retail park site since March 2018.

During a routine CCTV patrol at 01:54am an FRG Security Officer on site noticed a suspicious vehicle outside a retail unit. Via the CCTV cameras they witnessed the vehicle speed off leaving the shop front doors wide open.

The FRG Officer immediately investigated on foot and found the retail unit doors had been forced open and stock and tags discarded across the floor. They called 999 and remained on the phone to the Police until they arrived and took control of the scene at 02:07am.

The Officer was able to give a description of what he had seen and showed the Police Officers the CCTV footage.

The diligence of the FRG Security Officer and the accuracy of the information supplied to the police (make/model of the vehicle, occupants’ description and direction of travel) led to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators.

Read the full case study here

Industrial: XL Joinery Head Office Integrated Fire and Security System

XL Joinery are a market leading supplier of wooden doors supplying over 400,000 doors every year to the public and private sector. As part of a £7.6M office and warehouse refurbishment programme at their head office in West Yorkshire, FRG designed and installed an integrated fire alarm and security system to protect the vast 16,000m2 building and the stock housed within.

To provide state of the art fire detection FRG installed an advanced L1M P1 addressable fire alarm system to all areas of the building including innovative Fire Alarm Aspiration Technology (FAAST) in the warehouse to provide ultra-early detection of combustion even before smoke is present. This gives extra time for the fire threat to be minimised, preserving life, protecting stock and maintaining business continuity.

To secure the premises from intruders FRG installed layers of security to the building creating rings of protection around the property. Activity within 10m of the site triggers the Perimeter Intruder Detection System and activates 20 full HD CCTV tracking surveillance cameras covering the outside of the building and internal entry doors and emergency exits. Via remote monitoring from the FRG Control Centre any suspicious activity can be tracked and, if necessary, mobile guards deployed. If any of the external doors are breached the intruder alarm is set off to further alert and deter.

Read the full case study here

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