Touch Point Cleaning

Protect Your Employees In The Workplace

Touch Point Cleaning

Touch Point Cleaning

Protect Your Employees In The Workplace

Maintaining a safe working environment for employees, visitors and members of the public now involves the decontamination of workplaces from viral and bacterial infection on an ongoing basis. Combatting the spread of infections is critical in maintaining normal operations, but this is a long term commitment. Only through adopting the kind of two-step approach used by First Response Group can you ensure that clinical standards have been met and will continue to be met on a day-to-day basis.

The first step is touch point surface sanitisation. This involves a specialist cleaning company carrying out a full risk assessment of the workplace and identifying key locations that are unique to your workplace, and where there is a high risk of transmitting viruses. These touch points are the likely source of a virus or bacteria being left and therefore picked up, potentially causing a rapid infection amongst the workplace. A specialist company offering decontamination solutions can identify these locations and then treat them routinely using the correct materials to ensure clinically sterile conditions and not simply ‘a good clean’.

We identify areas such as switches, work surfaces, knobs & handles, keyboards, furniture, shared welfare facilities, vending machines, drinks fountains and handrails. These are all common areas which we can thoroughly clean, as well as spraying all hard floors and surfaces. These sanitisation processes are non-corrosive, leave no residue and offer long-lasting protection. We can agree with you a cleaning regime which causes minimal disruption to your daily operations and establish a frequency of cleaning appropriate to the levels of usage and the operations of your business.

First Response Group will leave you with a safe and sterile working environment and will remove all PPE, cleaning equipment and substances and any potentially infected materials off-site, leaving you with a sterile, decontaminated environment every time.

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