Electrostatic Fogging

Protect Your Employees In The Workplace


Electrostatic Fogging

Protect Your Employees In The Workplace

The main objective for businesses, and in particular for facilities management, is to create a safe working environment that is decontaminated against viral infections and bacteria on an ongoing basis. This involves establishing a programme which achieves decontamination and maintains those standards day-to-day.

First Response Group has designed a two-stage process aimed at comprehensive workplace decontamination and then routine clinical cleaning to maintain those standards. These processes are touch-point cleaning and electrostatic fogging.

Fogging offers fast and comprehensive decontamination of large areas, and is the swiftest and most effective means of creating a safe and sterile environment. Fogging involves the releasing of an airborne mist via electrical charge, this then provides a 360 degree decontamination of all contagions removed from the air and from flat surfaces. This is the most effective method for treating hard-to-reach areas which otherwise may not be reached by standard cleaning regimes.

Electrostatic fogging is non-corrosive, leaves no residue and causes minimal disruption to your daily operations. In normal circumstances, employees are able to re-enter a decontaminated area after one hour. First Response Group have adapted this technique to various different industry sectors including healthcare, education, offices and retail. And we have designed our techniques to ensure that fogging is the perfect basis for a decontamination routine, to be followed by regular touch point cleaning.

If you contact us today we can carry out a risk assessment of your workplace and operations and design a fogging regime that will provide a comprehensive decontamination and the basis for partnering this with touch point cleaning to ensure standards are maintained going forward. We also recommend a repeat fogging procedure on a routine basis.

We can work with you to achieve a safe working environment free from viral infections and bacteria and we can design a programme to repeat these processes on an ongoing basis.

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